Indian Man accuses Wife of Affair after both contract Covid-19

An Indian man from Karnataka accused his wife of having an illicit relationship after both of them tested positive for Coronavirus.

Indian Man accuses Wife of Affair after both contract Covid-19 f

"I was not in contact with my wife for over two weeks."

A bizarre incident occurred after an Indian man accused his wife of having an affair after both of them tested positive for Coronavirus.

The matter took place at a designated Covid-19 hospital in Vijayapura, Karnataka.

The unnamed husband suspected that his wife had cheated on him as he had not been in touch with her for at least two weeks before she saw him and he later tested positive for the virus.

It was reported that the man started making accusations after seeing his wife in the same isolation ward as him.

A source said: “When the woman was shifted to the same isolation ward where her husband was being treated in the designated hospital, he broke into tears and started shouting at her.

“Even when top officials of the district tried to convince him, he didn’t change his stance.”

According to the man, his wife contracted the virus from her alleged lover before she passed it onto him.

The man claimed: “Before I got infected, I was not in contact with my wife for over two weeks.

“She got infected with the virus because of an illicit relationship.”

The allegations of infidelity prompted doctors to intervene. After explaining the nature of the virus to the Indian man, he accepted his mistake and apologised to his wife.

In another incident, a woman became infected and was moved to an institute for quarantine. However, her daughter started getting harassed by her neighbours.

Neighbours frequently visited and hurled verbal abuse at her, telling her not to speak to her mother as there was a chance that she could get infected.

Dr Shivanand Hiremath explained that a lack of knowledge about Covid-19 has led to erratic outbursts among citizens.

He said: “These incidents happen when people lack knowledge. Educating people about COVID-19 is the need of the hour.

“Since the outbreak, anxiety, depression, uncertainty about the future has increased. The only solution is creating more awareness.”

In one case, a man was arrested for beating his wife and mother after they told him to wear a face mask.

The 30-year-old victim explained that her husband Rajbir was going out to open his hotel despite the lockdown. As he was leaving, the woman told him to wear a mask as a precaution.

She said that he did not like her suggestion. He then beat her. When Rajbir told his mother and she agreed with her daughter-in-law’s request, he hit her.

The wife alleged that she was beaten badly before being kicked out of the house. According to the victim, the Indian husband threatened to kill her.

As she was thrown out of the house, Rajbir told her that the police would not take action against him because he gave them monthly payments.

However, when the victim told the police of her ordeal, a case was registered against Rajbir and he was arrested.

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