Rajeev Sen accuses Ex-Wife of Affair with Karan Mehra

Rajeev Sen has hit back at Charu Asopa’s claims, accusing his ex-wife of having an affair with Karan Mehra.

Rajeev Sen accuses Ex-Wife of Affair with Karan Mehra f

"I had no clue what was going on between them.”

Rajeev Sen has accused his ex-wife Charu Asopa of having an affair with actor Karan Mehra.

His claims come after Charu said Rajeev cheated on her while she was pregnant with their child. Charu has also accused Rajeev of domestic violence following a bitter end to their marriage.

Rajeev has now claimed that Charu was having an affair with Karan Mehra.

Explaining that Charu made a romantic reel with Karan and that he received voice notes from her mother, Rajeev said:

“One of the points to be noted from the voice note is her romance with TV actor Karan Mehra being disclosed by her mother.

“She made a romantic reel with him. She blames me for cheating on her and being suspicious of her. What a world we live in.”

On Karan’s alleged involvement, Rajeev added:

“I only came to know about Karan through her mother’s voice note. I had no clue what was going on between them.”

Rajeev Sen also dismissed the allegations made by his ex-wife.

He said: “What a sick mind she has to put such fake allegations against me.

“She wants to play the woman card all the time. She has clearly lost her mind and all my respect for her as an individual.

“She has no proof (of the allegations), but her ego has gone out of the roof.

“My entire family loved her and supported her more than me, yet such shameful allegations. I don’t deserve this.

“I will never forgive her for this torture and humiliation.”

He added that Charu has “major trust issues”.

Charu reacted to Rajeev’s allegations and stated that she is heartbroken by the “false claims”.

The actress said: “I don’t know on what basis has he made these claims.

“When a man has nothing else, it becomes easiest for him to malign a woman’s character.

“They know how that would affect us most. He had no other way to put me down and has thus stooped to this level, and accused me of something so wrong.”

Clarifying that the reel was a professional matter, Charu continued:

“In my entire Instagram, there’s just one video with another man.

“And it’s not a romantic reel as he has claimed. It’s a professional video, a collaboration for an event. Karan and I were invited as celebrity guests there.

“We are just standing together, amid a rally of people, not even alone. How can he call that romantic?”

She added that Rajeev has previously accused her of having an affair, once with her driver and with her co-stars.

Karan Mehra has also responded to the claims, asking:

“What romance is Rajeev talking about? I had spoken to Charu for a while at a promotional event in June. After that, we never connected until today.”

Clarifying the recent connection, Karan explained:

“She has sent me messages of apology saying that she’s sorry that I have to bear all this nonsense.”

Revealing that he and Charu spoke about the problems in their respective marriages at the promotion event, Karan said:

“That was natural, people ask such things to each other, don’t they, if the news has been out in public domain?

“Prior to the event in question, I had met Charu about 10 years ago.

“I have shifted to Delhi after the whole Nisha Rawal episode and Rajeev Sen accuses me like this. Just terrible.

“I don’t have his number and don’t wish to. I would rather take strict action against him.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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