Rajeev Sen cheated on Charu Asopa whilst Pregnant?

Since separating, Charu Asopa has made numerous accusations against Rajeev Sen. She has now claimed he cheated on her during her pregnancy.

Rajeev Sen cheated on Charu Asopa whilst Pregnant f

"that's when I found something in his bag"

Charu Asopa has shockingly accused her estranged husband Rajeev Sen of cheating on her whilst she was pregnant with their daughter.

The pair have been public about their marital issues and have split up in the past. But they got back together, determined to work on their marriage.

However, it is now reported that their marriage has no hope of reconciliation and Charu is moving forward with the divorce.

Charu has made a number of accusations against Rajeev, including physical violence.

She has now claimed that he cheated on her.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Charu said:

“After a few months of staying in Bikaner, I returned to Mumbai and spent most of my pregnancy period here.

“He would leave early morning at 11 am for his gym in Bandra from Goregoan east and would return home at night around 11 pm, sometimes 7, 8, or 9 pm.

“When I questioned him why he takes so many hours, he often said, ‘When I see traffic on the map, I sip coffee in Bandra cafes and wait for the traffic to slow down, and then I leave for home’.

“I trusted this as well.

“At times, he said he slept in the car and many other excuses.

“Once he just went to Delhi without saying and I was moving things here and there, and that’s when I found something in his bag, through which I found out that he is cheating on me.”

Elaborating on Rajeev allegedly being physical with her, Charu said:

“I shared this news with everyone, and the entire family knew about it.

“Whenever this would happen, I would think that I won’t live here and just leave.

“But then somewhere I have loved him so much that I would buy all his excuses and fall for them. And then I always thought of giving him chances and starting afresh.

“The 3.5 years of marriage just went in awaiting our fresh start.”

Charu Asopa revealed what went wrong in their marriage.

“Things that shouldn’t have happened, kept repeating, and I realised that certain things won’t change because that’s the way Rajeev is.

“For the past several years, this is how he has been and this is exactly how he has lived, and now there’s no chance that he’ll change himself.”

She previously rekindled their marriage and opening up on the matter, Charu Asopa added:

“Last time when we’d decided to part ways, everything was decided and our date was on August 30 at 11 am in the family court.

“Back then I did not have any other house and I was living in Rajeev’s Mumbai home with everyone.”

“The terms and conditions of the divorce agreement stated that within 7 days of signing the paper, I will leave the house with Ziana.

“I had locked one house and I was supposed to move out but the night prior, I was sitting outside and Rajeev was sitting in the hall.

“He initiated a conversation and the things that were buried deep down in our hearts, came up.

“Rajeev promised me that these things won’t repeat again and I thought to myself, ‘When we’ve given so many chances to our wedding, why not give another shot for Ziana’s sake?’

“Then we messaged our respective lawyers that we are not getting divorced.”

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