Karan Mehra’s Affair led to Nisha Rawal Split?

The split between Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal has been a bitter one but according to Rohit Satia, Karan’s affair contributed to it.

Karan Mehra's Affair led to Nisha Rawal Split f

"There's a girl MM in his life."

According to businessman Rohit Satia, Karan Mehra’s affair contributed to his split with Nisha Rawal.

The claim came after Karan accused Rohit of having an affair with Nisha.

Rohit has now broken his silence on the accusations.

He explained that when Nisha accused the TV actor of domestic violence, he offered his support to her.

But when he did so, he was accused of having an affair with her, something he has denied.

Rohit then claimed that it was Karan who was actually having an affair. He said:

“There’s something I am giving out here. Ask Karan who is MM. Those are the initials I am giving out.

“There’s a girl MM in his life. I am not revealing her name now.”

He went on to say that the affair contributed to the split, adding:

“She was one of the reasons. And I must tell here that Nisha and Karan both had called me to Mumbai on May 28, 2021.”

In relation to the case, Kashmera Shah agreed to be a character witness for Karan Mehra.

She said: “I hope I am not wrong but the Karan Mehra I know is not a violent person.

“Today, I have spoken because Karan called me up a few days ago if I would be comfortable being a character witness in his case.

“And I have said ‘yes’. In my heart I believe he is innocent.”

She also claimed that Rohit told her that a CCTV camera was not working in the room where Karan allegedly hit Nisha.

Rohit denied speaking to Kashmera and called her a liar.

He said: “The camera was switched off because I believe Karan had Covid that time and he was staying in a separate room.

“So he might be coming out of a shower to change his clothes etc.

“Every time there’s a guest in their guest room, CCTV cameras for that room are switched off.”

On Karan’s claims that Rohit used to indulge in alcohol, smoking and gutka paan, he said:

“I don’t drink alcohol except casually at a party. I don’t indulge in gutka paan. I do smoke but never in their house.”

Another allegation against Rohit is that he physically assaulted Karan Mehra and there is video footage of it.

However, Rohit insisted: “There’s no such video.”

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