Nisha Rawal reveals She Kissed another Man whilst Married

On ‘Lock Upp’, Nisha Rawal revealed that she kissed another man while she was still married to Karan Mehra.

Nisha Rawal reveals She Kissed another Man whilst Married f

"I think I got close to him."

On Lock Upp, contestant Nisha Rawal revealed that she kissed another man whilst married to TV actor Karan Mehra.

The pair have been separated since March 2022 following allegations of affairs and domestic violence.

On Lock Upp, Nisha pressed the buzzer, prompting host Kangana Ranaut to ask her to reveal her secret.

Nisha revealed that after suffering a miscarriage in 2014, she became attracted to another man and looked to him for support.

She explained: “I got married in 2012 with my ex-husband (Karan Mehra) and in 2014, I miscarried a baby. I had spoken about this.

“The baby was five months old when I miscarried.

“Many also know that I was in a physically and mentally abusive relationship.

“After the miscarriage, it came as a shocker. As a woman, there was a lot going on in my body and mind. Then, too, there were many incidents of abuse in my life.

“There was no one to share because being a public figure, me and my ex-husband it’s not easy to come out in the open.

“You think of your family and being judged by society. There was a lack of support. I was going through a lot of trauma.”

“There was an incident where a big physical abuse took place. In 2015, at my cousin’s sangeet ceremony, there was a big incident and I was completely broken. I wanted to get therapy to talk to someone.

“There was a fear of being judged if I spoke to friends. At that time, we were also shifting to our new home.

“There I met an old friend. We connected after a long time. I confided in him about a lot of things apart from the abusive past.

“My ex-husband was aware of every time I would meet him. But I think I got close to him.”

Nisha Rawal went on to say that became attracted to her friend.

“I really got attracted to him because I think there was a lack of a lot of support and it was natural to get attracted. I got a lot of emotional support from him.

“There was a moment when I kissed that person.

“I confessed to my ex-husband that day itself. I also told him ‘We are not in a good state of our relationship’.

“We had already spoken about parting ways and after that incident, I said that ‘I am sure I don’t want to be in the relationship and we should walk our ways’.

“It was difficult for me to come and say it but it was not taken positively then.

“But it was a big secret that I was attracted to another man while I was still married in 2015.”

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Ekta Kapoor shared the news in a post, writing:

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