Pakistani Man shoots Woman who Married Another Man

A Pakistani man identified as Bilal has gone on the run after a shooting a woman he loved dead. He took action after learning that she married another man.

Pakistani Marriage Dispute leads to Shooting of Family f

One of the bullets hit her and she was killed instantly.

A man identified as Bilal, from Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan, shot dead a married woman and injured her husband over a marriage dispute.

Bilal murdered the woman and has since gone on the run. A friend of Bilal is also wanted for helping him to carry out the crime.

A police officer from City police station in Dera Ghazi Khan said that Bilal had fallen in love with Aqeela Bibi and he wanted to marry her.

However, she did not feel the same about him. Aqeela eventually got married to another man identified as Sharif. The couple moved to Mehboobabad Colony in Multan, Pakistan.

The officer added that when Bilal learnt of Aqeela’s marriage to someone else, he became enraged and decided to take extreme action.

Bilal intended to kill the woman he loved enlisted the help of his friend Abbas to carry out the murder.

On the day of the incident, Bilal and his accomplice went to where the couple was staying.

They barged into Aqeela’s home while she and her husband were at home. Bilal was armed with a handgun and he began firing several shots in her direction.

One of the bullets hit her and she was killed instantly. Another bullet wounded Sharif.

Immediately after committing the murder, Abbas and Bilal fled the scene. The police have registered an FIR against the accused and are conducting raids to arrest the two men.

In a similar incident which took place in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan, a man gunned down a woman and injured her husband.

Muhammad Shahid killed Zakia Bibi and injured Mujahid Hussain. The violent act came after Muhammad threatened to kill Mujahid for marrying Zakia.

It was reported that Mujahid, Zakia and several others had gone to visit a shrine in Mailsi Tehsil, Punjab, Pakistan.

As they were returning from their trip, Shahid, who had been hiding in a nearby field, intercepted them.

Muhammad was armed with a pistol and had concealed it.

The accused had a heated argument with Mujahid and said he would kill him for marrying Zakia.

Muhammad took out the pistol and began shooting at the couple. As a result, Zakia died on the spot while Mujahid sustained critical injuries.

It was heard that Muhammad was a relative of the couple. He has since gone on the run and police are conducting raids to arrest him.

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