Punjabi Woman marries UK Man not Divorcing Two Husbands

Kuwinder Kaur, a woman from Moga in Punjab, married a third man from the UK to defraud him despite having not divorced her previous two husbands legally.

Punjabi Woman marries UK Man not Divorcing Two Husbands f

she made Manpreet send her about Rs. 22 lakh by MoneyGram

A woman from Punjab, Kulwinder Kaur, married a third man without having legally divorced her previous two husbands.

Kulwinder originates from the village Daroli Bhai in Moga, Punjab. She married British born, Manpreet Singh, who is from the UK with the intent to defraud him. 

After marrying him, she scammed Rs. 22 lakh of his money from the UK and she also occupied his father’s family home in Moga, aided by others involved in the scam.

After investigating, police registered a case against five people including Kulwinder Kaur who are all involved in the fraud and conspiracy.

A letter of complaint was submitted to the Moga district police chief alerting them of the issue by Bakhtor Singh from the village of Gazania in Moga. He informed police that Manpreet Singh is the grandson of his aunt, Jagtar Kaur from the village Chand Purana.

Bakhtor told police that the accused Kulwinder Kaur first married Sukhdev Singh, a resident of  Sadda Singhwala village in 2013 but never legally divorced him and just left him. She then went onto marry Lakhvir Singh in 2014, from the village Rode in Moga.

Describing how Kulwinder got to know Manpreet Singh, he said that whenever he visited India from England, he always came and stayed with Bakhtor’s family in the village Rode.

Seeing him visiting, Kulwinder then made sure he caught the attention of her and she made sure she wooed him.

Kulwinder then pursued him to the extent that she divorced her existing husband Lakhvir Singh.

She carried out the divorce with non-legal papers and without affirming the affidavit.

This all happened without Manpreet Singh finding out anything about her past.

Then claiming she was a virgin and not married, she convinced Manpreet to marry her in 2016. Their marriage was also formally registered, despite her being legally married to the other two men.  

The complainant said that Manpreet Singh, who is born in England, has no knowledge of the Punjabi language and she used this to her advantage to carry out the fraud.

After marrying him, she then commenced the fraud by getting Manpreet to sign a false contract which stated in Punjabi that he had taken Rs. 50 lakh from her in to help her passage to England.

Once he arrived back in the UK, gradually she made Manpreet send her about Rs. 22 lakh by MoneyGram. She also pressured his family with the demands for the money.

Then, her demands continued for more money to be sent. But when Manpreet refused, she threatened him and forcefully moved into Manpreet’s ancestral house located in Godewala in Moga.

The house which belonged to Manpreet’s father, Nachhattar Singh and which he jointly shared with his brother, she began to occupy by moving in all her belongings with the help of others.

So, once the complaint against her was lodged with the police regarding this matter, they carried out the investigation in Moga and are now pursuing the case against her and the others involved.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

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