Indian Man marries Two Women on Same Day

A video of an Indian man’s wedding ceremony has gone viral on social media, as he is seen marrying two women at the same time.

Chandu wedding women

"I decided to marry both of them because they both loved me."

A video of an Indian man’s wedding has gone viral as he is seen marrying two women.

Chandu Maurya is a 24-year-old farmer and labourer of a remote village in Bastar district, Chhattisgarh.

On January 5, 2021, Chandu married two women on the same day at the same ceremony, which was attended by 500 people.

The wedding video and invitation card of Chandu Maurya’s marriage have gone viral on social media.

Chandu’s unconventional love story started when he met 21-year-old Sundari Kashyap and fell in love.

Sundari is from a neighbouring village of Tokapal, where Chandu had gone to install electricity poles.

Chandu and Sundari kept in touch and planned to marry.

A year later, Chandu met 20-year-old Haseena Baghel after she had visited Chandu’s village to attend a relative’s wedding.

Chandu fell in love again. Haseena also expressed her love for Chandu.

When Chandu confessed that he was already in a relationship, Haseena insisted that they keep in touch over the phone.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Chandu said: “Both Haseena and Sundari came to know about each other and agreed to have a relationship with me.

“We were in touch over the phone but one day, Haseena landed at my home to live with me.

“When Sundari came to know that Haseena is here, she also came to me.

“And since then, we started living in the same house as a family.”

Chandu reportedly lives with his parents and two siblings, as well as Haseena and Sundari.

A few months later, villagers and extended family members started questioning Chandu’s live-in relationship with two women.

It was then that Chandu decided to marry both of them.

Chandu continued: “Fed-up with the questions, I decided to marry both of them because they both loved me.

“I can’t betray them. They agreed they both will live with me forever.”

Chandu also claimed that Haseena’s family members came to attend the marriage ceremony but Sundari’s family skipped the function.

However, Sundari has expressed hope that her parents will come around.

Sundari said: “They (parents) are not happy with me today but things will change.

“Both Haseena and me are very happy with Chandu and his family and will live with him forever.”

Watch the viral video of Chandu’s Wedding


Polygyny relationships may be assumed rather than formerly defined in the way marriages are conducted between two people.

Polygyny relationships in India, such as that of Chandu and the women are prevalent in the Kinnaur region, a part of Himachal Pradesh.

It is also witnessed among certain tribes in South India.

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