Faryal Makhdoom says Son will ‘Never’ be a Boxer

Faryal Makhdoom held a fan Q&A on Instagram and revealed she would never let her son follow in his father’s footsteps and become a boxer.

Faryal Makhdoom says Son will 'Never' be a Boxer f

"I knew he was some sort of boxer."

Faryal Makhdoom has admitted that she would “never” allow her son Muhammed Zaviyar to become a boxer.

The 29-year-old made the admission in a fan Q&A on Instagram where she revealed that Amir Khan had approached her first when they met in New York in 2012.

She also spoke about house decor and gave advice on marriage pressures.

Faryal was asked by a fan if her son will be a boxer in the future. She did not seem too keen on the idea and bluntly responded: “Never.”

However, she did not elaborate on why she did not want Muhammed Zaviyar to follow in his father’s footsteps.

On her first meeting with Amir, Faryal said they met at a party and Amir made the first move.

She admitted that she did not know much about Amir when they first met, saying:

“I didn’t know much about his career but I knew he was some sort of boxer.”

Also during the Q&A, Faryal said that she won’t let Amir have any input over changes she makes to their home.

She was asked: “Will Amir have any input with the house decor?”

Faryal answered: “Not a chance. He can just pay for it.”

Faryal Makhdoom was also asked for advice about feeling pressure to get married. However, she stated that she did not feel any when she and Amir got married.

She explained: “Never feel pressured. It happens in A LOT of Asian families and it’s not cool.

“You’ll know when you’re ready. Don’t ever make a decision based on someone else.”

Faryal also spoke about her weight, saying she currently weighs ‘110 pounds’ (7st 8lbs).

This comes after she said she apparently had Covid-19 symptoms in December 2020. Faryal had said she lost six pounds before telling a fan it was due to her losing her sense of taste.

Despite displaying one of the main Covid-19 symptoms, she and Amir flew to Dubai.

Their trip came days after Amir allegedly breached Covid-19 rules after a birthday party was held for the boxer at a luxury mansion.

Amir posted a video of the large gathering, telling the camera: “All the boys are here.”

The boxer had claimed it was a “surprise” party at a hired property.

Around 18 people were at the party and a private chef was also hired. The chef was believed to have been Alex Beard, a three Michelin star-trained chef based in the Lake District who charges up to £160 per person for bookings.

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