Amir Khan & Faryal Makhdoom criticised over Son’s Gift

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom have been criticised on social media over their birthday gift for their son, Muhammad Zaviyar.

Amir Khan & Faryal Makhdoom criticised over Son's Gift f

"A Rolex for a one-year-old seems a tad tacky"

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom have faced criticism over their birthday gift for their young son, Muhammad Zaviyar.

The youngster celebrated a lockdown birthday and his parents showed off some pictures of the celebrations.

He turned one on February 22, 2021, but the famous couple did not share pictures of the celebrations until March 1, 2021.

It was a safari-themed celebration, with leafy decorations, green balloons and toy animals surrounding the trio.

The celebrations also included a decadent birthday cake, however, it was a luxury gift that attracted the most attention.

Faryal posted a few pictures of Muhammad Zaviyar sitting on Amir’s shoulders.

In the pictures, the pair shared the fact that they decided to buy their son a Rolex watch to mark his first birthday. The watch is believed to be worth around £30,000.

Faryal captioned the post: “Zaviyar’s 1st Lockdown Birthday & his first Rollie.”

Amir Khan had previously unveiled the lavish timepiece to his social media followers and announced that it was a gift for his son.

He revealed that he is keen to start off his son’s watch collection early.

Amir showed off the silver Rolex still in its case. He had captioned the post:

“Got my little boy his first birthday present, his watch collection needs to [be] on [point].”

The post of the birthday celebration received mixed responses.

One person said: “Gorgeous picture.”

Another wrote: “Aww this picture is so cute.”

Another fan commented: “Adorable!! Happy 1st Birthday Zaviyar.”

One posted: “Zaviyar looks so much like your brother and you. Bless him.”

One added: “Your son looks like you omg! Finally, after both girls taking after their father!”

However, other netizens were critical of the pair and asked why they would buy such a gift for a one-year-old.

One person said: “A Rolex for a one-year-old seems a tad tacky and not needed.

“Maybe for an 18-year-old it would make a nice present but then again who wants children obsessed with designer luxury brands.”

Another baffled netizen asked: “Why a Rolex for a baby?”

A third asked: “Do one-year-olds wear jewellery?”

One person said:

“Rolex??!!! Seriously??? Let them appreciate life, not expensive gifts it’s meaningless.”

One angry follower commented:

“What f****** attention seekers his first rollie. Wow… what sad b*****ds.”

One person stated that they were surprised to see the pair with their children. The follower said:

“Surprised you actually got your kids with you and not thrown off to your mum, your poor mum who has to pick up the slack for you.”

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