Faryal Makhdoom Hits Amir Khan with Handbag in Viral Video

In a bizarre yet funny video on Instagram, Faryal Makhdoom was seen repeatedly hitting her husband Amir Khan with her handbag.

Faryal Makhdoom repeatedly Hits Amir Khan with Handbag f

"I felt like doing it harder... feel so bad now."

Faryal Makhdoom shared a funny clip on Instagram of her hitting her husband Amir Khan with her handbag.

The incident left the boxer baffled as she continuously slapped his head with her handbag while reaching for her essentials during a car ride.

In the video, Faryal was seen reaching for her bag in the backseat, claiming she needed her lipgloss when she hits Amir across the head with it.

Believing it was an accident, Amir appears unbothered, but when his wife hits him again as she puts it back, he says:

“Oi, what the…?”

Faryal then pretends to grab more items, hitting her husband a third time, prompting a frustrated Amir to say: “Yo?”

Faryal maintains her innocence and replies: “What? I just need my lipgloss, and my clip too.”

At the end of the video, she glances at her husband before hitting him for the fourth time.

The mother-of-three captioned the video: “I felt like doing it harder… feel so bad now.”

The video amassed more than 400,000 views and their fans were quick to share their laughter at the video.


One viewer wrote: “LOLOL I watched this 500 times the way you say ‘whhaaaat and give him the look like it was his doing’.”

Another person said: “I’ve watched this 100 times and I laugh even more every time! Lol.”

One commented:

“Faryal this made me laugh so much I had to play the video back so many times couldn’t get over it.”

Faryal Makhdoom’s video came after the couple decided to take part in a couples questionnaire.

They took to Instagram to post a video of themselves answering questions by pointing to each other.

Amir and Faryal were asked “who lies more” to which the couple both pointed at each other while Faryal made a point of continuing to gesture at her husband.

They also answered “who loves the other person more” to which they both pointed at Amir, while they were also asked “who has the better hygiene” and “who has the cuter smile”.

Faryal also pointed to Amir when asked “who is more annoying when they’re hungry”.

Amir captioned the video with: “Jokes with Faryal Makhdoom last night before falling asleep.”

The couple have been spending lockdown with their three children at their home. In April 2020, Faryal revealed that lockdown caused postnatal depression following the birth of her son.

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