Faryal Makhdoom trolled for calling Amir Khan ‘Daddy’

Faryal Makhdoom was subjected to cruel trolling after she posted a picture of herself with her husband Amir Khan and calling him “daddy”.

Faryal Makhdoom trolled for calling Amir Khan 'Daddy' f

"Why are you calling your husband daddy?"

Faryal Makhdoom was brutally trolled on social media after posting a seemingly normal picture of herself with her husband Amir Khan.

She took to Instagram and posed with Amir in Dubai.

Faryal sported an all-black ensemble and stood behind her boxer husband who wore a red velvet blazer and black shirt while standing next to a Rolls-Royce.

While the picture seemed to be normal, many netizens decided to troll Faryal for a number of reasons. People criticised her outfit, her look and her pose.

However, many trolled Faryal for her caption.

On Instagram, she referred to her husband as “daddy”. Faryal wrote:

“Daddy Amir Khan. BTW before I get photoshop comments being thrown— the pavement is wonky because of the cars going over it so keep the b/s to yourself kk thanks x.”

Despite asking her followers to keep any hateful comments to themselves, many took the opportunity to troll Faryal.

One person laughed at the fact that Faryal referred to Amir as “daddy”, writing:

“Calling another man daddy.”

Another user asked: “Why are you calling your husband daddy? I don’t get it.”

This led to more than a dozen replies, including some crude ones like:

“It’s cos she likes getting f***ed by her daddy.”

Other users questioned why Faryal posed behind Amir instead of next to him. One user believed it was because of her outfit.

“Why are you hiding behind?? Maybe because of your revealing top??”

Netizens also criticised her appearance and said that she needed to appear more classy.

One person said: “U used to be so pretty. What have u done to yourself?”

Another posted: “Faryal no need to be so fearful of comments.

“Remember you’ve put yourself in public display, you need to be tad bit classy in this situation.”

One stated that Faryal’s lifestyle will set a bad example to the younger generations, especially those who will be watching her new reality show.

“We need some nice down to earth shows with good values being espoused esp by Muslims participating.

“Vanity, materialism and excess in all things just sets a terrible example to the impressionable youths who will be watching the new Khan’s reality TV!!!”

Despite the negativity, many social media followers came to Faryal’s defence, telling her to ignore the hate and slamming those for their nasty comments.

It is speculated that Faryal Makhdoom has had enough of the trolls as a more recent picture seems to have the comments disabled.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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