Faryal Makhdoom gets Trolled for New Year’s Resolution Tweet

When Faryal Makhdoom asked her Twitter followers about their new year’s resolutions for 2019, it did not take long for people to troll her.

Faryal Makhdoom gets Trolled for New Year's Resolution Tweet f

"To pray for you to grow some flesh"

While anyone curious about other people’s new year’s resolutions would probably prompt the majority of positive responses, it was not the case for Faryal Makhdoom, who received some very unsavoury replies on Twitter.

The wife of boxer Amir Khan who has been through a turbulent time in her marriage to him, got her share of trolling to her tweet asking her followers what they were going to resolute and change for 2019.

Of course, there were many replies which were what she would’ve expected. But there were those who could not resist taking a pop at her and her past.

Especially, since she had misspelt her question too by saying ‘you’ instead of ‘your’.

Tweets included images of boxer Anthony Joshua with whom she was accused of having an affair by Amir in April 2017 when he ‘split’ from her. 

Others hinted at the plastic surgery she has had over the years and whether 2019 meant more for her?

Faryal Makhdoom gets Trolled for New Year's Resolution Tweet - before after

Here are some of the replies to Faryal Makhdoom’s new year’s resolution tweet.

Many other replies used the same theme of Anthony Joshua and her plastic surgery, saying:

“Mine is not to copy kim kardasian and not to have too many plastic surgeries…”

“Guess yours is stopped getting done up the wrongun by @anthonyfjoshua”

“clicking selfie with Jashua!”

“Whats yours? Is it to give AJ another BJ?”

“To pray for you to grow some flesh”

“Hope yours is to stop trying to look like Michael Jackson….. ya freak”

“To get a boob job. Could you recommend a good doc?”

Faryal Makhdoom gets Trolled for New Year's Resolution Tweet - tweets

Then some got more direct to the point saying:

“To c u in a bikini”

“Mines to avoid looking at you”

“To take you out on a date”

“Unfollow you”

Lots picked on her husband, including his Skype webcam incident, saying:

“To stop masturbating in front of webcams”

“To get your husband @amirkingkhan to stop ducking @SpecialKBrook Make the fight!! @EddieHearn”

“See your husband get knocked out by brook”

“To see Amir get flattened by brook but he’s too scared to face him. Go in tell him he’s allowed to fight brook”

“To see your husband grow a pair…”

Hopefully to get in enough shape that I’d be another useless boxer your husband could face”

So, as far as new year’s resolutions go for 2019, it looks like not many people were keen to give their own but preferred to troll and comment on Faryal Makhdoom’s personal life, the shenanigans she has experienced with her husband in the past and the boxing abilities of Amir Khan.

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