Pakistan Resolution Day unites Celebrities against Coronavirus

Pakistani celebrities have taken a stand against the Coronavirus as they appeal to people to stay home and stay safe on Pakistan Resolution Day.

Pakistan Resolution Day unites Celebrities against Coronavirus f

"Spirit of true Pakistani by promoting social distancing.”

Pakistani celebrities have united against the Coronavirus on Pakistan Resolution Day as they urge the people of the nation to stay safe.

The people of Pakistan celebrated Pakistan Resolution Day, also known as Pakistan Day or Republic Day, on Monday, March 23, 2020.

This special day commemorates the Lahore Resolution which was passed on March 23, 1940.

Also, on March 23, 1956, the first constitution was adopted during the changeover of the Dominion of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Ever since March 23 has become a national holiday for the entire country.

During this day, the armed forces parade Lahore in celebration, however, this year (2020) was different.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic people across the globe are being instructed to remain indoors to reduce the spread of the deadly virus.

Pakistani celebrities have taken to social media to share their joy for Pakistan Resolution Day as well as asking people to stay safe.

Pakistani actress Nadia Hussain took to Twitter to share a message with her followers. She wrote:

“23rd March 1940 ko mil kar Pakistan banaya tha.” (On 23rd March 1940, everyone together made Pakistan).

“Aaj 23rd March 2020 ko ALAG reh kar Pakistan bachana hai!!!” (Today, 23rd March 2020, we must remain apart to save Pakistan).

Renowned Pakistani singer Ali Zafar also took to Twitter to share the news of his latest single for Pakistan Day. He said:

“On Pakistan resolution day can we come to a resolution that we must work in unity in such challenging times? An ode.

“Hope you like it. Jaan De Den Ge | Ali Zafar | Pakistan Day | New Release | 23rd March.”

As part of the fight against the Coronavirus, the notion of social distancing is being practised by many people. Actor Fahad Mustafa tweeted:

“We believe in supporting and doing right means the true independence. We all should be united and show everyone the spirit of true Pakistani by promoting social distancing.”

Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Amir also wished everyone for Pakistan Resolution Day while asking them to stay at home. He said:


Popular Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha shared a picture of herself with her mother on Instagram wearing the traditional Pakistani colours, white and green. She captioned it:

“Ama (mother) and I are celebrating PAKISTAN DAY by sitting a few feet apart and practising social distancing.

“Thori duri mein bhi pyar barkarar hai. Apnoin se thora durr bethein, apne liye, unke liye, sab ke liye.

(In distance love also blossoms. Sit a little away from your loved ones, for yourself, for them, for everyone).

“I pray for (Pakistan) and for all of you meray pyaray Pakistaniyoin! (My beloved Pakistanis).

“HAPPY PAKISTAN DAY. Khush rahein! (Stay happy).

Pakistani film actor Fakhr -e-Alam also chimed in to promote social distancing. He said:

“United hand in hand our elders fought for our freedom. Today we need to keep distance, stay away from each other to ensure our beloved country & countrymen remain safe from #coronavirus wishing you all a happy Pakistan day.

“Stay home, stay safe & celebrate. #PakistanResolutionDay.”

Undoubtedly, the importance to maintain social distancing during this difficult time is unprecedented.

Despite the joyous occasion in Pakistan, the celebrities have used their initiative to promote self-isolation to help the country fight the Coronavirus.

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