Faryal Makhdoom trolled after she Wishes she was ’16 Again’

Faryal Makhdoom shared an Instagram post and said that she wished that she was “16 again”, but this led to her being trolled.

Faryal Makhdoom trolled after she Wishes she was '16 Again' f

"You are looking like a lizard, what’s wrong with your lips."

Faryal Makhdoom was subjected to cruel trolling after posting two pictures of herself sporting her outfit.

She took to Instagram and showed off her pink crop top with heart details, light blue jeans and Chanel trainers.

Faryal also captioned the post: “Wishing I was 16 again.”

Despite being known for her fashion choices and showing them off on social media, some netizens took the opportunity to troll Faryal.

Some users commented on her look while others questioned her outfit choice.

One person said: “You are looking like a lizard, what’s wrong with your lips.”

Another questioned why Faryal shared the post in the first place:

“I think you have a brain disease because you have all the wealth in the world, what other reason do you have that you are doing such a thing?”

One netizen commented: “Golddigger.”

Many people pointed out that Faryal’s top was sheer and took the time to troll her about it.

A person said: “Whoever zoomed into your picture not only with bad intention I just zoomed to see the print either is strawberries or what?? They were love hearts.

“From the comments box, I realised why people zoomed into your picture.”

One person pointed out: “Zoom in and you can see your stripped black and white bra.”

This prompted Faryal to reply: “You are an ultimate CREEP!”

Faryal’s caption stating that she wished she was 16 led to users claiming that she dressed like a child and that she was trying too hard to look younger.

One said: “Trying so hard to look like one though.”

Another commented:

“Why you got Amir’s shoes and Lamaisa’s top, suits you though.”

One person said: “Sister, you’re dressed like you’re 16.”

The user went on to tell Faryal to cover up and only dress like that in front of her husband.

Despite the hate, Faryal Makhdoom received a lot of support from fans who told her to ignore the haters.

“You look great Faryal. Ignore the haters. The fact that they slate you, and yet follow you just means they can’t get enough and secretly enjoy it.”

“I don’t get why people follow her just to bash her dress sense, it’s so simple just don’t follow if you don’t like her attire. It’s not rocket science.”

Others praised Faryal for being able to withstand all the negative comments towards her.

Faryal was previously trolled for a picture with her husband Amir Khan after she referred to him as ‘Daddy‘.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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