Faryal Makhdoom trolled after Photoshop Blunder

Faryal Makhdoom shared a picture with her son, but she soon became the subject of trolls as she appeared to have suffered a Photoshop fail.

Faryal Makhdoom trolled after Photoshop Blunder f

"this is the worst Photoshop I've ever seen."

Faryal Makhdoom was subjected to trolling after it appeared she suffered a major Photoshop blunder in a new Instagram post.

On May 25, 2021, she posed next to her son Muhammad on a swing in Dubai.

While the family picture looked innocent enough, netizens noticed the editing fail.

Faryal wore a tight black sleeveless top but her waist looked very distorted, with grey blurred lines along the outline.

Her trousers also looked crumpled and not in line with her hips and waist in the picture.


Faryal’s followers were quick to point out the fail, taking to the comments section and accusing her of editing her pictures in order to make her waist look slimmer.

One person said: “Very nice pic… But we can clearly see the photoshop.”

Another wrote: “God bless the family photos but this is the worst Photoshop I’ve ever seen.”

A netizen commented: “Why would you edit your waist like that.”

A fourth said: “Waist is definitely photoshopped, but you look great.”

One user posted: “LOL at everyone saying ‘I can’t believe how slim you are’.

“Guys, she’s photoshopped that waist and forgot to do the jeans.”

This is not the first time Faryal Makhdoom has been trolled.

She opened up about the hate she receives online during a therapy session. Faryal revealed that people troll her about her husband Amir Khan’s previous affair scandals.

Faryal spoke about the cruel comments she has had to deal with in an episode from her BBC reality show Meet The Khans: Big in Bolton.

Speaking to psychologist Emma Kenny, Faryal said:

“Someone posted saying, ‘oh you’re on your high horse you look so happy. Don’t forget about the time your husband was constantly in the papers and there were cheating allegations and your marriage was on the rocks!’

“That’s so harsh, it was so much in one paragraph. It obviously does upset me!”

Faryal went on to say: “I do have a thick skin and put up with a lot of abuse online.

“But putting up with things that are said about my husband, my family, my relationship, my children, is something that kind of hurts.

“You look at celebrities and you think ‘oh she’s got everything, she’s got a famous husband, children, money…’

“There is that jealousy and envy which comes with it.

“But I’ve been through so much s**t you have no reason to be jealous.

“You have to be a really bad person to be miserable and mean towards someone to put that person down. It shows your character.”

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