Indian Wedding Photographer falls in Pool capturing Couple

While capturing the entrance of an Indian bride and groom, a wedding photographer failed to notice the swimming pool behind him.

Indian Wedding Photographer falls in Pool Capturing Couple f

"Who put that pool there lol”

A wedding photographer is going viral after he fell into a swimming pool while capturing the Indian bride and groom’s entrance.

The video was uploaded to Instagram by Aperina Studios on July 25, 2021.

In the video, the bride and groom can be seen walking out of a grand villa. A team of two photographers then get together to capture their entrance.

One of the photographers begins to walk backwards to capture the shots, without realising how close he is to the swimming pool behind him.

Then, he falls and plunges into the water.

The photographer then quickly jumps out of the pool with the help of his colleague and manages to save his camera from any potential water damage.

The hilarious incident was captured on video and uploaded on Instagram. The caption simply reads: “Oh no.”

Instagram users flocked to not only point out how funny the incident was but also to praise the cameraman for his reflexes.

One person said: “This is hilarious nb. Who put that pool there lol”


A third said: “The couple will treasure that moment forever. You guys are simply amazing!”

Another video of the incident was also posted on Instagram by Aperina Studios.

This video captures the photographer’s fall from a different angle, as well as the bride and groom’s reaction.

The couple is clearly shocked but finds the photographer’s fall amusing. The other cameraman can be clearly seen helping his colleague out of the water.

Commenting on this video, one user said:

“Whoa!! Look at their reaction. Priceless.”

Another commented:

“Omg the bride is so cute? Their reaction was amazing.

“Glad the photographer didn’t get hurt and also kudos to saving the equipment!”

A third wrote: “The commitment to that perfect shot though.”

It is not uncommon for amusing incidents to occur during the chaos of Indian weddings.

In another hilarious video, an Indian groom went viral for falling asleep on stage at his own wedding.

In the video, multiple guests were seen trying to wake the groom up, but without success. The bride, however, sits next to him looking oblivious to what is happening.

Due to the multiple arrangements that take place during Indian weddings, the groom’s fatigue could be due to exhaustion.

However,  in this case, many believed that the groom was intoxicated.

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Images courtesy of Aperina Studios Instagram

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