Indian Girl aged 8 Killed in Human Sacrifice Ritual

In a tragic incident, an eight-year-old Indian girl has been found dead after being kidnapped for a human sacrifice ritual.

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The suspects have all been charged with kidnapping

An Indian girl has been killed as part of a human sacrifice ritual at just eight years old.

The girl went missing on August 4, 2021, and police found her on the banks of the Ganges on August 5, 2021.

Her body had been mutilated, and her parents claim that she was raped as well as murdered. However, the medical board did not confirm the rape.

A local mystic in Bihar organised the horrific incident. The police have arrested and charged four suspects with kidnapping and murder.

According to Superintendent JJ Reddy, Parvez Alam is a self-proclaimed mystic from Bihar’s Khagaria district.

Reddy said that Alam told one of her clients, Dilip Kumar Choudhary, that he needed to sacrifice the life of a girl so his pregnant wife would not have a miscarriage.

On his first visit, Choudhary said that he had four children already, and wanted a fifth.

Alam asked him to bring the eye of a ten-year-old child so he could prepare an amulet.

Choudhary, along with suspects Tanvir Alam and Dasrath Kumar, reportedly kidnapped the eight-year-old girl soon after.

She was returning from delivering lunch to her father when they abducted her.

According to Reddy, the men strangled her and gouged out her right eye.

After police found her body, they sent the girl’s bloodstained clothes for forensic examination. The medical board soon ruled out the possibility of sexual assault.

However, the girl’s mother and father believe that the police made up a story, insisting their daughter was raped.

The police initially arrested 12 people in connection with the child’s murder, but they were all freed after questioning.

Dilip Kumar Choudhary was arrested after he confessed and said that they committed the crime on the instigation of Parvez Alam.

Police then arrested Alam at home. The suspects have all been charged with kidnapping and murder under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Indian children are sometimes sacrificed by adults on the pretext of receiving an award in return.

In another shocking incident, two Indian couples sacrificed their own children after being told they would find treasure if they did so.

The couples, two brothers and their wives, both had three children.

The brothers had approached a sorcerer from Assam’s Sonari, who said that they would find gold hidden under the mango tree in their garden if they sacrificed their children.

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