Indian Minor charged for Strangling Mother to Death

An Indian minor has been charged with murder after killing her mother by strangling her with a karate belt.

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“In a state of panic, the minor grabbed the belt"

An Indian minor has been booked for allegedly killing her mother by strangling her to death.

The girl, aged 15, reportedly murdered her mother after she scolded her over her school work. The incident occurred in Navi Mumbai’s Airoli area.

According to the police, the woman was found dead on July 30, 2021, with a karate belt wrapped around her neck.

The police said that the girl was a medical aspirant, and she was in the middle of preparations for the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) medical entrance exam.

However, her mother was often questioning her dedication and scolding her for not studying enough.

The police said that on the day of the murder, the minor’s mother told her off about her studies again and attempted to assault her.

The girl told the police that she was scared of her mother, as she was holding a knife in her hand.

She allegedly pushed her 41-year-old mother and she fell, sustaining a head injury.

A police officer then said that the mother initially grabbed the karate belt, but her daughter took it from her. The officer said:

“The girl has told police that when the woman was trying to grab the belt, she thought her mother would attack her.

“In a state of panic, the minor grabbed the belt herself and strangled the woman.

“The girl later took her mother’s phone and sent messages to her father, uncle and aunt stating ‘I tried everything, I quit’.”

Then, according to the police, the minor attempted to make her mother’s murder look like a suicide.

She locked the house from the inside and called her father to say her mother was refusing to open the door.

Her father then informed her uncle, who went to the house and found the 41-year-old dead after breaking down the door.

The police officer said that, although the girl tried to stage the death as a suicide, her mother’s head injuries pointed to murder.

The officer said:

“The girl tried to show it as a case of suicide, however, we had got suspicious after the post mortem report indicated a head injury.

“During the enquiry, she narrated the entire incident after some counselling.”

Since strangling and killing her mother, the 15-year-old minor girl has been charged with both murder and destruction of evidence.

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