Pakistani Man cuts off Wife’s Tongue after Divorcing Her

A Pakistani man from Hafizabad got a divorce from his wife. A few days after their marriage ended, he cut out her tongue.

Pakistani Man cuts off Wife's Tongue after Divorcing Her f

He then took a pair of scissors and used them to cut out her tongue.

A Pakistani man named Jahangir has been arrested after he allegedly cut out his ex-wife’s tongue.

Jahangir, from the Pindi Bhattian area of Hafizabad, cut off Nasreen’s tongue on Saturday, March 30, 2019, after he verbally divorced her.

He used a pair of sharp scissors to commit the horrific crime before using them to maim her in an attempt to murder her.

The victim’s father filed a police complaint after the woman was left disfigured by the attack.

Nasreen’s father said Jahangir had “verbally divorced” his daughter a few days before the attack. He stated that Jahangir had turned up at his home with the intent of murdering his ex-wife.

It was heard that the victim’s father was in the fields cutting grass while his wife and daughter were at home.

The suspect then turned up at the house. Nasreen’s father explained that the accused took his daughter hostage in a room and locked the door. He then took a pair of scissors and used them to cut out her tongue.

Following the ordeal, the victim was kicked and punched. The scissors were then used to disfigure Nasreen’s hands and face.

The victim’s mother cried for help and people from the area arrived at the scene.

Nasreen’s father explained that he was able to get into the house through the roof. He then broke the door’s lock and was able to rescue his daughter.

Jahangir had three unknown accomplices waiting on a motorbike outside.

The victim’s father claimed that his daughter would have been killed if he did not arrive as quickly as he did.

Nasreen was immediately rushed to a hospital in a state of emergency. She survived the attack but remains in hospital.

Hafizabad District Police Officer Sajid Kiani confirmed that the suspect was arrested and they recovered the weapon that was used in the attack.

This violent case of domestic abuse came to light days after a woman in Lahore was beaten by her husband and stripped naked in front of his employees.

Asma Aziz explained that her husband shaved her hair off and beat her after she refused to dance in front of his employees for their entertainment.

She narrated her ordeal in a video which attracted attention online. It prompted a number of ministers to demand action.

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari saw the video and immediately had Aziz’s husband and one of his friends arrested.

An FIR of torture inflicted on the woman was registered and the two suspects confessed to the crime.

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