Nisha Rawal responds to Affair Allegations

Nisha Rawal has responded to the affair allegations made by her estranged husband Karan Mehra. She also criticised him.

Nisha Rawal responds to Affair Allegations f

"I feel scared for myself and my child."

The legal battle between Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal is still ongoing.

Nisha has been in the limelight ever since she claimed to have been the victim of domestic abuse whilst married to Karan.

She also alleged that Karan was having an affair.

Karan dismissed the claims and instead, he accused Nisha of having an affair with businessman Rohit Satia.

On September 12, 2022, Nisha held a press conference where she opened up further about her side of the story.

Nisha dismissed the allegations and called out her estranged husband for “playing the sympathy card”.

Directing her statement towards Karan, Nisha said:

“Please stop this. This is becoming a drama and it is becoming a media trial.

“Let’s do this in a civilised way. I feel vulnerable. Stop doing this. I feel scared for myself and my child.

“What if tomorrow, he (their child) watches the videos, or what if I step out of the home and someone says something in front of my son?

“Lastly, I am not playing a sympathy card, Karan is in fact playing the sympathy card.

“I want to raise a child in a healthy environment and if Karan Mehra can’t contribute then please back off. Let me live my life.”

Nisha Rawal went on to say that she is a woman of peace and wants to live her life in peace.

Aiming digs at Karan’s character witnesses, Nisha said:

“I don’t want to pay heed to these people. I think they should mind their own business. These people are portraying it dramatically.

“You are making friends? You are going out and talking about it casually when your friend is a part of the controversy.

“Whatever I am doing, I am doing for my child. If Karan wants to do something, there is a proper legal procedure.”

When asked about Karan’s alleged affair, Nisha said:

“I’m not here to defame anyone or bring anyone down and hence I don’t want to take names.”

“I know how it feels as a woman when fingers are pointed at you and I don’t want the same to happen with that girl and thus I won’t name her.”

At the press conference, Nisha insisted that she doesn’t want to sensationalise the entire matter and wants to follow proper legal procedure.

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