Indian Wife released for Attempted Murder kills Husband

An Indian woman from Kanpur killed her husband. She had recently been released from prison for her husband’s attempted murder.

Indian Wife released for Attempted Murder kills Husband f

This was something his family and neighbours were against.

An Indian wife has been arrested for the murder of her husband on the night of November 16, 2020, in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

This comes shortly after she was released from prison. She had served a six-month sentence for the attempted murder of her husband.

Anup Kumar, a 42-year-old man, was killed by his wife Sandhya in his own home.

According to the police investigation, there was a dispute on the day of the incident.

Police revealed that the dispute was not a one-off case as the couple used to fight almost every day.

Almost a year ago, Sandhya had tried to set her husband on fire following one of their daily disputes.

However, the man somehow survived the attempt on his life and a case was registered against the accused, after which Sandhya spent six months in jail.

Despite a history of attempted murder on the man, the woman was released from prison and returned to live with Anup.

This was something his family and neighbours were against.


On the night of Anup’s murder, the accused wife was making a scene that her husband was not waking up and claiming that something might have happened to him.

The neighbours rushed into the home to find the man dead. They then contacted the cops immediately.

When the police arrived, they saw marks on the deceased’s throat, which made them suspicious of the wife’s involvement.

CO Bhoganipur Prabhat Kumar reached the spot with his team and the questioning began.

The wife Sandhya drew suspicion as police noticed she kept on changing her statements.

The woman eventually broke down and admitted being responsible for killing her husband.

Anup’s father Rambabu also hurried from his residence in Simaria Deorahat village after hearing the news about his son.

He also subsequently registered a case of murder against his son’s wife and her brother based on his suspicions of the former’s involvement in his son’s murder.

The post-mortem report of the incident stated that the man was hit on the head as there were bruises found on his face and cheeks as well as swelling on the neck.

It seems Sandhya followed up her attempted murder charge on her husband with murder on the night of November 16, 2020.

The police have yet to release the cause or reason for the dispute that led to Anup’s death.

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