Indian Girl and ‘Lover’ set on Fire by her Family

In a shocking incident, a 19-year-old Indian girl from Uttar Pradesh and her alleged lover were set on fire by members of the girl’s family.

Indian Girl and 'Lover' set on Fire by her Family f

"The family members returned to the house and locked the door"

Police have arrested four people after an Indian girl and her alleged lover were set on fire. The shocking incident happened in Banda district, Uttar Pradesh.

On Thursday, August 6, 2020, police said that the perpetrators were members of the girl’s family, saying it was a case of honour killing.

The victims were identified as 22-year-old Bhola and 19-year-old Priyanka.

Meanwhile, the main accused was the young woman’s brother while other family members were also involved.

The incident happened on August 5 when Bhola and Priyanka were spotted together at her house by some of the neighbours.

Her family members were away, however, they were informed. Priyanka’s brother was especially angered as he believed that the family honour would be affected.

Banda Additional Superintendent of Police Mahendra Chauhan said:

“On Wednesday evening, the man had visited the woman’s house when her family members were not there.

“They were spotted by neighbours, who informed her family members. The family members returned to the house and locked the door from outside.

“Then, the man’s family members were called who apologised and requested that the matter not be taken to the police.

“The woman’s family members, however, asked her to register a complaint with the police alleging that the man was harassing her. She refused.

“The girl’s brother was angered by this as he thought that the family honour would be affected.

“The brother then poured kerosene into the room that had a thatched roof and the two were set on fire.”

Both were rushed to hospital. Bhola died at the district hospital while the Indian girl was referred to a hospital in Kanpur. She died on the way there.

Police investigated the case and revealed that both victims belonged to the same caste.

ASP Chauhan added: “The two were also distant relatives and the woman’s family had already fixed her marriage to someone else, but that was delayed due to the lockdown.

“After she refused to file a complaint against the man, her family feared that the marriage might be called off.”

Police arrested four people in connection with the case, including her parents and brother.

The accused were identified as Hukum Singh, father of the woman, her mother Asha Devi, brother Devendra Kumar and another relative named Lakkhu Kumar.

Five other people who are also relatives of Priyanka were booked in the case but are on the run. Police are working to arrest the fugitives.

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