Indian Man kills Couple and Commits Suicide

In a shocking incident, a 50-year-old Indian man stabbed a married couple to death in Delhi. He later decided to take his own life.

Indian Man kills Couple and Commits Suicide f

the accused often got into fights with the couple

Police have launched an investigation after an Indian man killed a couple and later took his own life.

On August 5, 2020, police said that the man stabbed a couple to death following a quarrel in Narela, Delhi, before committing suicide by consuming poison.

It was reported that the incident took place late on August 4.

An argument broke out between the couple and their neighbour over an issue. This led to the 50-year-old man stabbing the couple with a knife.

The accused was identified as Mohammad Mushtaq.

Following the double murder, Mohammad returned to his home, changed his bloodstained clothes and then reportedly consumed poison.

According to police, the man was rushed to hospital but died during treatment.

The couple had two children. They are currently being looked after by another neighbour until their relatives arrive from Bihar.

A police investigation revealed that the accused often got into fights with the couple and other neighbours.

Mohammad was reportedly unhappy with the victim’s dress sense. He had objected to him wearing shorts and sitting outside their house.

Police said that this led to many arguments between the Indian man and the couple.

However, officers do not yet know the exact reason behind the murder. Further investigation is underway.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer North) Gaurav Sharma said.

“We received a PCR call regarding the murder around 2:40 am.”

When police reached the area, the woman and her husband were found dead, having suffered stab wounds.

Meanwhile, Mohammad had collapsed at his home. Officers said that he consumed poison after killing the couple. He died during treatment.

DCP Sharma said: “The knife has been recovered and legal action is being taken.”

Another police officer said “When our team was inspecting the crime scene, the accused (who had consumed poison before the team reached) went up to the terrace and hid himself.”

One neighbour alerted police about Mohammad and he was caught.

“After he was caught, the accused confessed to killing the couple.”

Mohammad claimed that the victim used to follow his young daughter and this irritated him.

However, shortly after the confession, Mohammad fell unconscious and he was taken to hospital where he died.

The couple were originally from a village in Bihar. The man worked as a mechanic while his wife stayed at home. They have a six-year-old son and daughter, aged three.

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