Jilted Indian Lover kills Mother and Daughter & commits Suicide

A jilted Indian lover from Madhya Pradesh killed a girl and her mother. After committing the double murder, he committed suicide.

Jilted Indian Lover kills Mother and Daughter & Commits Suicide f

"His body was recovered from the lake on Friday afternoon"

A 25-year-old jilted Indian lover took his own life by jumping into a lake. Prior to the suicide, he murdered a girl and her mother.

Police officers have described the weapon as “sharp-edged”. Officers have also stated that the girl was a minor.

The double murder and suicide happened during the late night of Thursday, August 15, 2019, in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.

A rescue team recovered the man’s body from the lake on Friday, August 16, 2019.

The man was identified as Bunty Rajas. It was also revealed that he was a neighbour of the victims.

According to the police, Rajas forced his way into the victim’s house whilst armed with the weapon. He repeatedly stabbed the girl and her 42-year-old mother.

The girl’s father and brother had been visiting a nearby village at the time of the incident.

One of the neighbours heard screams and alerted the police. Before police could reach the scene, Rajas fled the area but he left the weapon behind.

Police found the mother and daughter lying in the house. They were rushed to District Hospital Chhindwara but doctors declared them brought dead.

According to Police Inspector Vindod Rahguvanshi, Rajas took his own life by plunging into a lake after committing the two murders.

He explained that he was a jilted lover and that he had an issue with the victims.

Inspector Rahguvanshi said: “The two families had some issues in the past and on Thursday, Bunty was first seen going towards the victim’s house and later towards the lake.

“His body was recovered from the lake on Friday afternoon but no suicide note was found.”

It is believed he had affections for the girl but the feeling was not mutual as her father Soni stated.

He alleged that a lack of police action against the jilted Indian lover led to the murder of his wife and daughter.

“We had complained to the police that he was harassing my minor daughter about three months back.”

“He was questioned by the police and the statements of his family members were recorded, but he was let off after a consultation.

“We were also asked to patch up which we did.”

Police said that Rajas may have had a grudge against the family after he was banned from entering their house.

India Today reported that a murder case was registered and officers are questioning members of the suspect’s family.

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