Indian Man commits Suicide after Bringing Girlfriend Home

In a tragic incident, a 19-year-old Indian man from Haryana took his own life shortly after bringing his girlfriend home.

Indian Man commits Suicide after Bringing Girlfriend Home f

They later confronted the Indian man and scolded him.

An Indian man was found dead at his home, having allegedly committed suicide.

The 19-year-old was discovered hanging from the ceiling fan at his house in the city of Jagadhri, Haryana.

The police were informed of the incident and arrived at the scene. Officers took down the body and launched an investigation.

Police believe it was a case of suicide due to the fact that the family did not accuse anyone and no note was found.

While a case of accidental death was registered, police will know for sure if it was suicide after they receive the results of the post-mortem.

The deceased was identified as Suresh Kumar.

While questioning family members, police suspect that Suresh took his own life after bringing his girlfriend home.

His brother Laxman explained that Suresh worked as a bike mechanic and was in a relationship with a girl. Suresh would often bring the girl home.

Laxman said that his wife would be at home whenever Suresh brought his girlfriend home.

On February 1, 2020, the rest of the family found out about Suresh’s relationship and scolded him.

It is believed that Laxman’s wife told the family about Suresh’s relationship. They later confronted the Indian man and scolded him.

The revelation of his relationship upset Suresh and on February 3, he took his own life.

According to Laxman, Suresh’s girlfriend was only 16-years-old and both were not ready to get married.

He said that when the family spoke to Suresh about his relationship, they told him that he was not ready to get married.

Laxman went on to say that it was said for his own good.

Following his death, the family were left shocked as they did not know that Suresh would take such extreme measures.

After the post-mortem has been completed, police officers will hand over the body to relatives.

In a separate incident of suicide, a woman from Uttar Pradesh took her own life after discovering her lover was engaged to another woman.

Preeti Prajapati had known Rohit Gupta for four years and had been lovers for three years.

However, on December 11, 2019, Rohit told Preeti that he had got engaged a few days prior to another woman.

He also told her that their relationship was over.

After finishing work, Preeti jumped off a bridge into a river. Her body was found on December 13 near the Gomti River, which forms part of the Ganges River.

A post-mortem stated that she died due to drowning and a head injury.

Rohit was subsequently arrested on charges of abetting Preeti to suicide.

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