Indian Police Officer commits suicide after Call with Girlfriend

A tragic incident occurred in which an Indian police officer from Uttar Pradesh took his own life after a call with his girlfriend.

Indian Police Officer commits suicide after Call with Girlfriend f

"I would be just laughing and thinking about my life"

An Indian police officer took his own life after being on a call with his girlfriend.

The tragic incident happened on the night of July 17, 2020, in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The matter came to light when police officers were sent to his place. They entered the property and found the young man hanging from the ceiling fan.

A forensic team was called and a diary and mobile phone were recovered from the scene.

The deceased was identified as Vikas Soni, an officer placed at Naubasta Police Station in Kanpur.

Forensic officers found a note inside the 24-year-old’s diary which indicated why he decided to take his own life. According to officers, Vikas blamed his girlfriend.

A passage read: “When I would be serving my few last minutes of my life, I would be crying, and would not say anything to anyone.

“I would be just laughing and thinking about my life and how amazing it was after you came into it.”

Vikas was originally from Agra and graduated in 2018. He ended up becoming a police officer and joined Naubasta Police Station.

Five days before his death, the Indian police officer had rented a house from a landlord named Pramod Kumar Gautam that was situated behind the police station.

The station in-charge explained that when Vikas did not turn up for work on July 18 at 9 am, they called to see what happened.

When Vikas did not answer, a few officers were sent to his residence.

They entered the house to find him dead. His mobile phone was discovered near the window.

Officers suspected that Vikas took his own life shortly after being on the phone with his girlfriend.

When the SSP reached the scene himself, he asked the forensic team to gather all evidence.

Later, when his family reached his place in Kanpur, the body was taken for a post-mortem. Vikas is survived by three other siblings.

According to Vikas’ co-workers, he was a happy individual who was friendly to everyone.

His colleagues said that Vikas would be on the phone with his girlfriend but he would deny that they were in a relationship.

Whenever they questioned him about her, Vikas said that she was a clerk in Agra.

His colleagues revealed that Vikas and his girlfriend would get into arguments over the phone, following which the officer would get upset.

Police suspect that the couple must have got into a row, after which, Vikas took his own life.

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