Indian Mother strangles Sons after arguing with Husband

In a horrific incident, an Indian mother from Chhattisgarh strangled her two sons to death following a heated argument with her husband.

Indian Mother strangles Sons after arguing with Husband f

She then took their bodies and hid them

An Indian mother was arrested on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, for strangling her two sons to death.

The woman murdered her children after an argument with her husband. The woman also tried to kill her daughter but she managed to survive.

Following the double murder, the mother hid her children’s bodies in a toilet near her home in Janjgir, Chhattisgarh.

The matter came to light when her husband became worried after not seeing his children for several hours.

He searched the house before opening the toilet door and finding the dead bodies of his sons.

The police were informed and the woman was subsequently arrested.

Baliram and Ranjita Yadav were married and had three children, however, their marriage was not a happy one as they would often get into arguments.

It was reported that they had a heated row on the morning of February 4.

The quarrel left Ranjita enraged which led to her strangling her sons Kanha, aged two, and two-month-old Murali.

Ranjita also tried to kill five-year-old daughter Aanchal but she survived.

After not seeing his children for several hours, Baliram became worried and began searching the house for them.

He then looked outside. Baliram eventually approached the toilet and found his two sons.

Baliram immediately called the police. Officers arrived at the scene and the Indian mother was arrested on suspicion of murder.

The bodies of both sons were recovered and sent for a post-mortem. Meanwhile, the daughter was taken to hospital for treatment.

During questioning, Ranjita admitted to killing her sons after arguing with her husband.

She revealed that she would argue with Baliram over money as there is a lot of poverty in the area.

Ranjita said that her husband’s refusal to work led to quarrels and it eventually led to her killing her sons.

In a similar case, a police officer from Gujarat murdered his three young sons after an argument with his wife.

After the row with his wife, Sukhdev Siyal locked her in a room before slitting the throats of their three sons. Siyal later called the police station where he worked and informed them about what happened.

Siyal had claimed that the murders happened in the heat of the moment after becoming angry with his wife.

Police officers arrived at the scene and were left shocked by what they saw. Siyal was soon arrested.

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