Indian Man kills ‘Girl Expecting’ Wife & Strangles Daughters

An Indian man from Bihar murdered his wife and strangled his daughters after finding out that his wife was expecting a girl.

Indian Man kills 'Daughter Expecting' Wife & Strangles Daughters f

Sau had laced his wife's food with poison and gave it to her.

An Indian man found out his wife was pregnant with a girl, however, he was not happy about it and killed her. He also strangled his four daughters.

The man was identified as Mukesh Sau, a resident of Jamui in Bihar. The incident took place during the evening of Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

He had become upset when he discovered that his wife was expecting a girl. Sau then took the extreme step of attempting to kill his entire family.

Sau had laced his wife’s food with poison and gave it to her. After she went unconscious and eventually died, Sau then strangled four of his daughters.

One died as a result while the other three were unconscious and in a critical condition. The Indian man later took his own life by hanging himself.

Police officers explained that the man gave his pregnant wife Kaushalya poisoned food. After, he strangled his four daughters, one after another.

Nine-year-old Jyoti, Vinita, aged six, and two-year-old Anuradha went unconscious after the strangling, however, he killed seven-year-old Radhika.

Sau later felt that his life was not living and decided to end it. He took a rope and tied it to the ceiling fan. The horrific incident did not come to light until the next morning when the neighbours broke down the door.

The locals became suspicious when they saw no one exiting the house. They even knocked on the door but there was no answer.

They then broke down the door and found the bodies of the family, including Sau’s which was hanging from the fan.

Neighbours were in tears at the sight of the bodies. The three girls were taken to the hospital in a critical condition. Mukesh, his wife, and daughter had already died.

When the police were alerted about the matter, they sent the bodies of the three deceased for a post-mortem.

The neighbours told officers that Mukesh may have committed the murders and suicide after finding out that he was going to have another daughter.

But they also said that he was under a lot of stress especially since he amassed a debt.

He used to run a small grocery shop near the house but was not earning enough to support his family. Sau, therefore, took out a loan from the bank as well as other loans from local people.

As a result, he became stressed about his financial situation.

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