Indian Man with 5 Daughters offers Second Wife Money for Son

An Indian man from Rajasthan has five daughters. He then offered to give some money to his second wife in exchange for their son.

Indian Man with 5 Daughters offers Second Wife Money for Son f

Abdul offered to pay his wife to hand over her son

A police case has been filed against an Indian man after his second wife made a complaint.

The man had offered to pay the woman for her son, however, when she refused, he divorced her and married for the third time.

The incident happened in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

It was reported that the man and his wife had five daughters. He ended up getting married again in the hope that he would have a son.

When his son was born, he offered to pay his second wife for him. However, she refused and it eventually led to a case being registered.

The man was identified as Abdul Sattar while his second wife was named Sultana.

She told officers that Abdul had been married to another woman and together, they had five daughters. But, Abdul longed for a son.

His desperation for a boy led him to believe that his wife would never have a son.

Abdul ended up getting married to Sultana and she later gave birth to a boy. It was revealed that Abdul never told Sultana about his first marriage.

He ended up hiding the secret for seven years.

A year after the birth of his son, Abdul offered to pay his wife to hand over her son as it was believed that he planned to return to his first wife.

He offered to pay Sultana Rs. 2 Lakh (£2,200). Sultana refused and it angered Abdul.

This resulted in a heated argument which turned violent, leaving Sultana with minor injuries.

The Indian man later divorced Sultana and allegedly went on to marry a third woman. Sultana subsequently approached the police and explained her ordeal.

Sultana explained that her husband was desperate for a son to a point that he was willing to pay his own wife for him.

Following her statement, police officers registered a case and have launched an investigation.

Jodhpur Central and the state government are trying to avoid discrimination between sons and daughters. Laws have been made, however, the views of some people have not changed.

This case highlights the preference that some people have for sons.

Having a child is supposed to be a special moment but in India, if it is a daughter, sometimes it is not.

In some households, having a son is like carrying on the family which is why a daughter is seen as a negative. The mother is typically subjected to harassment and even violence for this reason.

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