Indian Lovers make Video before Commiting Suicide

Two Indian lovers from Rajasthan decided to commit suicide. It was revealed they made a video before taking their own lives.

Indian Lovers make Video before Commiting Suicide f

their parents did not want them to get married yet

Two Indian lovers were found dead on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, having taken their own lives.

The day before, the couple had tied a dupatta to their waists before jumping into a canal in Rajasthan. The couple were from the village of Shankarpura, Rajasthan.

It was discovered that the young man made a video prior to his and his girlfriend’s suicide.

After the bodies were spotted by a passerby, emergency services were called and they quickly arrived at the scene. The bodies were soon pulled out of the canal.

The deceased were identified as 25-year-old Vishal Kanuji Thakare and Poonam Thakor, aged 18.

Police officers questioned some locals who said that the two were lovers. They claimed that it was likely that they took their own lives due to there being numerous obstacles in their marriage.

The bodies of the two deceased have been sent for a post-mortem.

Following Poonam’s death, her mother, four sisters and brother turned up at the hospital in tears.

An investigation revealed that Vishal and Poonam loved each other very much and wanted to get married.

However, their parents did not want them to get married yet as they felt the Indian lovers were not ready.

The couple was desperate to get married and could not live without each other so they decided to commit suicide.

When police arrived at the site, they found some slippers and a mobile phone near the bank of the canal. Both were taken.

When looking through the phone for potential clues, police found a 19-second video that had been filmed by Vishal prior to his death.

In the video, he is seen with Poonam and he explains that since they cannot get married, they will die together.

Police officers have registered a case and the investigation is ongoing.

While it will not be confirmed until more evidence is gathered, police believe that the lovers had made a suicide pact after their parents told them that they could not get married.

In a similar case, a man from Punjab shot his girlfriend dead before turning the gun on himself in what was a suicide pact.

Ravinder Singh Bunty used his brother’s licensed pistol to kill Harbans Kaur and himself.

It was discovered that they had been in a relationship for a while, but two days before their deaths, Harbans left her home without telling anyone.

Ravinder went to an isolated area with his girlfriend where he recorded a video.

After apologising to his friends and family for any pain he caused, the video ended. Ravinder used his brother’s gun to shoot his lover in the chest, killing her. He then turned the gun on himself.

Both families became worried and went searching for them. On September 5, 2019, when Ravinder’s father walked to his farm, he saw the couple’s bodies lying in the field.

When questioned, the family members denied knowing about a possible relationship between the two.

DSP William Jeji explained It was a possibility that the couple formed a suicide pact out of fear that their parents would not approve of their relationship.

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