Indian Lovers caught by Police for Being Together in Park

Two Indian lovers from Jharkhand were caught by police in a park after an eyewitness informed officers that they saw the couple together.

Indian Lovers caught by Police for Being Together in Park f

one couple fled the scene while the other was caught.

Two Indian lovers were apprehended by the police at a park in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, for allegedly smoking cannabis.

They were caught after an eyewitness spotted them. The incident happened on Friday, September 13, 2019.

The couple were not the only ones smoking, they were with another couple who managed to escape.

Police officers arrived at the scene at around 8 am after an eyewitness saw the young people while going on a morning walk.

When police arrived, they caught the two couples in the act, however, they were able to apprehend one of them.

Officers shut the park’s gate and punished the young man by hitting them with their baton 11 times in front of his girlfriend.

The ordeal lasted half an hour and passersby filmed the police officer hitting the man.

At 7 am, the witness had gone to the park for a morning walk when he saw the Indian lovers smoking cannabis. He immediately alerted officers at Govindpur Police Station.

When the police arrived, one couple fled the scene while the other was caught.

Police officers asked the couple for their names and where they lived.

The young man and woman responded and explained that it was their first time visiting the park and that they were planning to get married.

But when the police asked for their parents’ details, the couple simply folded their arms and refused to provide an answer.

Following this, the officers took the man and beat him again.

According to Govindpur Police Station in-charge Ashok Paswan, he explained that they had received reports of a group of young people smoking cannabis in the park.

He added that when the information was received, he sent a police team to see what was going on.

Paswan stated that he is unaware of officers beating one of the suspects and will provide more details once an investigation has been completed.

Cannabis is considered illegal by the law but it is legal or tolerated by several states such as Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Gujarat and Uttarakhand.

It is commonly consumed during festivals, mainly as bhang which is the seeds and leaves. Bhang-infused drinks tend to be popular and is one of the most common legal usages in the country.

The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act banned the production and sale of cannabis resin and flowers, but permitted the use of the leaves and seeds, allowing the states to regulate the latter.

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