Indian Man poisons Second Wife despite Being Married

An Indian man from Punjab was found to have murdered his second wife after poisoning her. He married for a second time despite already having a wife.

Indian Man poisons Second Wife despite Being Married f

Pooja eventually found out about her husband's other family

An Indian man poisoned his second wife after she found out he was already married. The incident happened in the town of Dhariwal, Punjab.

Police have identified the suspect as Swaran Singh.

He had told his wife Pooja that he was divorced, however, he continued to stay married to his first wife.

Doctors found the victim had been injected with drugs. An overdose was the cause of her death.

Singh was originally from the village of Ghuman Kalan while Pooja was from Kaler Kalan. They had got married on November 4, 2015.

Leading up to their marriage, Pooja knew that Swaran had been married but he had told her that he divorced his first wife.

Even though Singh assured her that he was divorced, he stayed married to his first wife.

After their marriage, Singh did not take Pooja to his home as his first wife stayed there. Instead, he had rented a house in Dhariwal.

A short while later, Pooja became pregnant and eventually gave birth to their daughter. However, around the same time, Swaran’s first wife also gave birth.

Pooja eventually found out about her husband’s other family and this led to a heated argument. Pooja returned to her maternal home and registered a case of cheating against Singh.

According to Pooja’s father Daniel, Singh came to his house on September 26, 2019, and persuaded Pooja to come back with him in an attempt to resolve things.

However, on October 11, 2019, Singh drugged Pooja which caused her to overdose.

He took her to the hospital when her condition deteriorated, but doctors declared her dead by the time she arrived. Following the news, Singh took his wife’s body and ran out of the hospital.

In the early hours of the next day, Daniel received a phone call about what had happened to his daughter.

Singh returned to his rented home with his wife’s body. He left the body there before going on the run.

Daniel alerted the police and when he found out that his daughter was drugged, he alleged that his son-in-law was responsible.

He told officers that the Indian man sold drugs and was an addict, which is a huge problem in the Indian state of Punjab.

On October 12, 2019, Daniel and several police officers went to Swaran’s house where they discovered the victim’s body.

A murder case has been registered against Singh and officers are searching for his whereabouts.

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