Indian Man Kills 3 Wives where Last One ‘Too Dark & Thin’

An Indian man has been accused of murdering three of his wives. He allegedly killed the last one because she was “too dark and thin”.

Indian Man Kills 3 Wives where Last One Too Dark & Thin f

He later set the body on fire and left the area.

An Indian man has been arrested after his wife was found burnt to death in a forest in Balod, Chhattisgarh.

The suspect has been identified as Manohar Mandavi. He was also accused of murdering his two previous wives.

Officers from Mangchua Police Station explained that Mandavi got married to his third wife just a couple of years ago.

They had tied the knot in a love marriage, however, Mandavi allegedly began thinking that his wife looked “too dark and thin”. It became a growing issue in the man’s mind that he eventually decided to kill her.

The victim was identified as Kirti Bhoarya. After Mandavi was arrested, he allegedly told officers that he killed her due to her appearance, though the police have not confirmed his confession.

On the day of the murder, there had been a dispute between the suspect and Kirti’s father. The police believe it had something to do with their marriage.

But Mandavi had already planned to kill his wife. He told Kirti that her father was against the marriage and did not want to see the couple happy.

He then made a suicide pact with her. Kirti believed what her husband and agreed to taking her own life with him.

The couple took several scarves and went to a forest in the district of Balod, Chhattisgarh.

But when they reached an isolated area of the forest, Mandavi allegedly strangled his wife to death with a scarf. He later set the body on fire and left the area.

After Mandavi was arrested, officers discovered that case had already been registered against the Indian man.

Mangchua Police Station in-charge Abhishek Mahobia explained that Kirti was the suspect’s third wife. He had been married twice before but both of them had died.

It is unknown how his first wife died but villagers told officers that his second wife took her own life by dousing herself in kerosene and setting herself on fire.

In 2003, a case was registered against Mandavi at Lohara Police Station.

He had been accused of abetting her suicide but he was never convicted due to a lack of evidence.

Police have remanded Manohar Mandavi in custody while they investigate the remains of Kirti’s body.

Police officers believe that he murdered his three wives and made it look like a suicide in order to cover up his crimes.

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