Priyamani on being Fat-Shamed and branded ‘too dark’

Actress Priyamani has opened up about being body-shamed and called ‘too dark’ in a recent tell-all interview.

Priyamani on being Fat-Shamed and branded 'too dark' f

“Like hello, what is wrong with you?”

Actress Priyamani has opened up about being fat-shamed and called names by online trolls.

Priyamani, famous for her role in the web series The Family Man, has won hearts across Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema.

However, despite her success, she recently admitted that she has also had her fair share of hate.

Priyamani revealed all in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble.

In the interview, the actress revealed that she has been fat-shamed and called various names.

She said trolls have called her “aunty”, “black” and “old” on multiple occasions.

However, Priyamani said that she has decided to take no notice, and accept the way she is.

She told Bollywood Bubble:

“Honestly speaking my weight did go up to 65 kgs, I did look bigger than what I am right now.

“So a lot of people have said ‘you look fat’, ‘you look big’, and right now people are saying ‘you’re looking too thin, we liked you when you were fat’.

“I mean make up your mind.

“Now I can’t help it I am like this. But all I’m saying that being on the bigger side or the smaller side is each person to themselves.

“Why do you want to body shame people.”

Priyamani also said that, when she posts a picture without makeup, people tell her she looks old.

However, she has learned to not care about what people say about her. She said:

“If I post something without makeup, half of them say ‘with makeup you’re looking good but without makeup you’re looking like an aunty’.

“Like so what?”

As well as being shamed for her weight and her age, Priyamani also admits to being trolled for her skin colour.

She claims that trolls have called her out for being too dark, and pointed out her skin colour in photos.

Priyamani said:

“A major thing what I get personally, more than weight, is skin colour.

“A lot of people are like ‘you’re looking black’, ‘you’re looking dark’.”

“And even on photos, I’ve seen some people comment saying ‘your face is white but your legs are black’.

“Like hello, what is wrong with you?”

Unfortunately, body-shaming is common in the film and television industries.

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan has also recently opened up about being body-shamed.

Balan admitted that her weight had become a “national issue”.

However, she believes that she needed to go through what she did because it has led her to not care what people think of her.

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Image courtesy of Priyamani Instagram