Indian Bride stops Wedding finding Groom too Dark & Old

An Indian bride from Uttar Pradesh stopped her own wedding from taking place, saying that she found the groom too dark and too old.

Indian Bride stops Wedding finding Groom too Dark & Old f

the groom's complexion was too dark and was far too old

An Indian bride refused to get married after she found that the groom was too old for her and too dark-skinned.

The incident happened in the Sachendi area of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The young woman had gone through most of the wedding procession when she decided to call off her marriage.

She lifted her veil as well as the groom’s Sehra and explained that he is clearly dark-skinned and too old.

The incident caused panic and the police were subsequently called. Despite trying to change her mind, the bride refused to go through with the wedding.

An agreement was later made to return the expenses to the respective families. The groom, originally from Bithoor, was set to get married in Sachendi.

On Saturday, November 23, 2019, the baraat procession arrived at the bride’s house and it was welcomed.

The elements of the wedding ceremony took place during the early hours of November 24 as both sets of families sat in the courtyard of the house.

The majority of the wedding had been completed when the Indian bride suddenly stopped and decided that she did not want to get married.

When she was asked about her marriage refusal, the woman lifted up the groom’s Sehra.

She then lifted her own veil and explained that the groom’s complexion was too dark and was far too old to get married to her.

The woman then got up and walked out of her own procession.

Many of the family elders repeatedly tried to convince the bride to get married but she refused.

During the evening of November 24, both sets of families met in an attempt to resolve things but it was unsuccessful.

The police were then called and they tried to change the woman’s mind but she was adamant that she did not want to get married.

After repeated attempts, officers said there was nothing they could do to change her mind.

As a result, both families agreed to return each other’s belongings as well as the expenses that they paid for the wedding.

After the items were returned, both families went their separate ways.

The obsession with skin colour in India is a serious problem and there have been numerous cases more extreme than this one.

A woman from Uttar Pradesh named Prem Shiri was arrested and charged with murder after she allegedly doused her husband in petrol and set him alight.

The pre-meditated attack was due to Shiri being upset with her husband’s dark skin complexion.

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