Indian Groom hits Photographer for Getting too close to Bride

A video of an Indian groom hitting a photographer for getting too close to the bride has attracted a lot of social media attention.

Indian Groom hits Photographer for Getting too close to Bride f

"You couldn't click from there?"

An Indian groom was seen hitting a photographer for getting to close to his new wife, leaving the bride in fits of laughter.

A video of the incident has gone viral and it has left many netizens laughing.

The 45-second video was shared on Twitter on February 5, 2021, however, it is not known where the wedding took place.

It showed the bride and groom standing on stage and getting their pictures taken by the photographer.

But just a few seconds into the video, the photographer eases the groom out of the frame and begins taking photographs of just the bride.

Meanwhile, the groom is seen patiently waiting at the side.

The photographer continues taking pictures and moves closer towards the bride. He then holds her chin up as he takes close-ups.

As close-ups continue, the groom’s apparent jealously takes over and he smacks the photographer across the back.

While the Indian groom seemed angry, the bride falls to the floor, laughing at the unexpected incident.

The groom then asks: “You couldn’t click from there?”

He then walks off the stage. Meanwhile, his new wife continues to laugh hysterically at what just happened.

Footage of the incident was shared on social media and attracted more than 800,000 views.

Many netizens also found the incident funny, stating that they loved the bride’s reaction.

One user wrote: “When I saw this video for the first time, I just laughed loud and am still laughing.

“I never thought of finding any logic behind this shot and really never cared whether is it a prank or for real!!

“Everything doesn’t need research. Sometimes, you can just laugh!!”

Another said:

“Thanks to the bride for handling the situation and not letting the cameraman feel bad.”

A third posted: “She has the ability to make any tense situation better! Very few people have this skill.”

However, others said the groom’s behaviour was uncalled for and wondered what his reaction would be if he saw his wife speaking to another man.

One person said: “Frankly, wondering what would the guy do if she was just talking to a neighbour/vendor/stranger!!!”

Some users even wondered if the incident was pre-planned.

One user wrote: “You all are kids, this is just a pre-planned strategy to make the video viral and everything is staged and scripted.”

While it is not known whether the incident was pre-planned or not, netizens found it hilarious.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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