Anjali Arora gets Trolled for ‘Getting Close’ to Umar Riaz

Anjali Arora shared a behind-the-scenes video with Umar Riaz, however, the proximity between the two did not go down well with netizens.

Anjali Arora gets Trolled for 'Getting Close' to Umar Riaz f

"Made another MMS with him?"

Anjali Arora was subjected to trolling, with many social media users stating she was “getting close” to Umar Riaz.

The former Lock Upp contestant was recently seen with Umar in the music video for ‘Mere Khayalon Ki Malika 2.0’.

The song by Nikhita Gandhi and Saaj Bhatt was released on September 15, 2022.

Anjali has since shared a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram.

The video was from the set of the music video and the pair were seen sitting together.

Anjali is looking at a book while Umar looks over her shoulder. She then nuzzles her head into his before playfully stroking his cheek with a peacock feather.

It is then revealed to be a blooper as Umar sneezes, resulting in the pair laughing.

Anjali captioned the video: “Hahahaha. Sorry Umar for this video.”

Umar reacted to the video, posting laughing face emojis while some other fans wrote “nice” and “beautiful”.

One fan said: “You guys are so cute together.”

Another commented: “Your chemistry with Anjali is so cute.”

But even though the video captured a lighthearted moment, some social media users did not like how close Anjali was getting to Umar and decided to troll her

Many netizens referenced her alleged sextape leak.

One person said: “Next MMS with him.”

Another wrote: “Is there any link going to come with this.”

A third asked: “Made another MMS with him?”

One user said: “Looks like Umar has also got a chance to make MMS.”

A comment read: “Anjali make another MMS with Umar.”

Some claimed that Anjali and Umar did more than just work on a music video together.

A person said:

“Spent the night with you too.”

One comment read: “You’re pregnant soon.”

Believing that Umar and Anjali were growing close romantically, some warned Umar to be wary of Anjali’s age.

Umar is 31 while Anjali is 22, however, some people in the comments claimed that Anjali is actually younger than she says.

One person said: “Please beware of her age.”

Anjali Arora was in the headlines for a sextape that went viral.

The video featured a woman lying on a bed. It then cut to the woman and a man having sex.

Throughout the 10-minute video, the woman’s face was seen and many claimed that the woman is Anjali.

She later broke her silence on the matter and insisted that the woman is not her.

Anjali tearfully said that people are trying to malign her by spreading fake news, adding that she does not understand why.

Speaking to Siddharth Kannan, Anjali said:

“I don’t know what these people are doing, they are using my name and picture to frame me and claim it’s Anjali Arora’s MMS.

“These people are the ones who made me what I am today, they also have a family like I have.

“Sometimes I feel what is the need to do all this?

“Why speculate so much when I am not there in the video?

“I have brothers and sisters, my little brothers watch videos. Some people are taking it in the wrong direction… when they can’t match you then they start maligning your image.”

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