Gauahar Khan threatens fans of Bigg Boss 15’s Umar Riaz

Gauahar Khan has threatened fans of Umar Riaz with a police complaint after she received criticism from the Bigg Boss 15 star’s fans.

Gauahar Khan threatens fans of Bigg Boss 15's Umar Riaz - f

"It’s my right to have an opinion.”

Gauahar Khan took to Twitter on November 4, 2021, and threatened the fans of Bigg Boss 15 contestant Umar Riaz.

Gauahar threatened fans with a police complaint, alleging that they were cyberbullying her.

Taking to Twitter, the actress had spoken about the recent fight between Umar and co-contestant Simba Nagpal.

Netizens did not take kindly to Gauahar’s tweets as she criticised Umar Riaz.

Umar’s fans slammed her and also used obscene language in response to her tweets.

In her earlier tweets, Gauahar wrote: “Hero of a daily soap?

“I agree Umar is nothing like Asim! At least till now!

“Asim was logical even in aggression. Asim was respectful even in anger!

“Really want Umar to do better and show something more than just aggression!”

After she received a negative response from Umar Riaz fans, Gauahar wrote:

“All these so-called fans who only blindly support during a season disappear in the next n follow the same sick behaviour for the next year’s contestants.

“Shame that there’s no rationale, no logic, no tolerance for other people’s views!

“I’m so proud of my crazy lot that they know-how.”

Gauahar Khan further wrote:

“To support without bringing others down, without abuses, without being ill-mannered!

“Wish these losers without real IDs actually knew what making an identity is about!

“Remember u only support your own kind!

“I love the game. It’s my right to have an opinion.”

In response to her fans who asked her to ignore the negative comments, Gauahar wrote:

“Absolutely I can ignore!

“But what they are doing is bullying and I can report them to the police, each ID will be investigated.”

“They really think they can get away with it.

“Hence it needs to stop! #NoCyberBullying.”

In 2013, Gauahar participated in Bigg Boss 7 and emerged as the winner.

In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, Umar used bad language against Simba Nagpal’s mother which led him to push Umar into the swimming pool.

After that, Umar Riaz provoked Simba and said:

“I’ll show you today. Come on, daily soap’s hero.”

Bigg Boss 15 fans had demanded that Simba Nagpal be evicted after Umar claimed he called him a “terrorist” during tasks.

Many Bigg Boss 15 viewers have said that the latest season is more violent than usual.

In October 2021, fans were left shocked after Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal were spotted fighting during a task.

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