Simba Nagpal calls Umar Riaz a ‘terrorist’ on Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15 fans have demanded that Simba Nagpal be evicted after Umar Riaz claimed he called him a terrorist during tasks.

Simba Nagpal calls Umar Riaz a ‘terrorist’ on Bigg Boss 15 f

“Stay strong Umar. You’ll pass through this."

Fans of the TV series Bigg Boss 15 have slammed Simba Nagpal for allegedly saying that Umar Riaz looks like a terrorist during the tasks inside the house.

In a clip that was shared on social media, Umar can be seen talking about the matter to fellow contestant Ieshaan Sehgaal.

Umar said: “He keeps telling me that I do not have an identity.

“Do not take everything personally.

“He tells me ‘your eyes are innocent but when you go for the tasks, you look like a terrorist’.”

Ieshaan said he heard the “same dialogue” from Simba.

Umar then added: “Do not use soorma when going for a task, Simba advises me.

“That is such a stereotypical joke.

“I did not take it seriously because I know Simba does not filter what he is saying.

“I am not able to bear with him anymore.”

Vidhi Pandya, a former Bigg Boss 15 contestant, tweeted:

“Yes I’m aware of this, Umar had shared this with me in the house, but he let go saying ke sweet hai I’m sure he didn’t mean it, but obviously it’s wrong and it’s niceness of Umar to let go of something so pathetic.

“Stay strong Umar. You’ll pass through this.”

TV personality Andy Kumar wrote:

“This kind of unconscious #Islamophobia is considered normal. Let me tell you it isn’t and it’s NOT acceptable!”

Bigg Boss 15 fans flooded Twitter with ‘evict Simba now’ messages.

Responding to the incident, one fan tweeted:

“It is completely unacceptable and needs to be stopped. #JusticeforUmarRiaz.

“It’s scary to know how much microaggression Umar has faced this past month and yet we only see a tiny bit of it.”

Umar’s brother Asim Riaz and his girlfriend Himanshi Khurana also supported Umar.

In a tweet, Asim said: “It will hurt @realumarriaz. It will take time, It will require dedication. It will require willpower.

“You will need to make healthy decisions. You will have to sacrifice.

“You will have to push your body to the max but I promise you this, when you reach your goal, it will be worth it.”

Himanshi took to Twitter and said:

“Whether you support him or not, no matter what you do, wrong remains wrong.”

“But nothing happens here. Rules change every year.

“Terrorist, is that a word you use? But Simba will still be right.”

Earlier in the series, Simba Nagpal pushed Umar Riaz into the swimming pool during a fight.

After the incident, Bigg Boss 15 watchers demanded Simba’s eviction from the house.

Many Bigg Boss 15 viewers have said that the latest season is more violent than usual.

In October 2021, fans were left shocked after Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal were spotted fighting during a task.

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