Umar Riaz & Pratik Sehajpal get into Fight on Bigg Boss 15

Umar Riaz and Pratik Sehajpal fought once again on the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15. This time, they pushed each other violently.

Umar Riaz & Pratik Sehajpal get into physical fight on Bigg Boss 15 - f

“Stay in your limits.”

In a new promotional video for Bigg Boss 15, contestants Umar Riaz and Pratik Sehajpal can be seen fighting once again.

This time, the fight got physical and they pushed each other whilst arguing.

The video, shared on Instagram on November 24, 2021, begins with Pratik Sehajpal aggressively saying:

“Who will befriend you?”

Umar Riaz is then seen walking towards Pratik as he says:

“Whom did you say that to?”

Pratik replied that he was not talking to Umar.

Umar could be seen lifting his hands whilst fellow contestant Karan Kundrra held them and stopped him.

Pratik also got violent and contestant Vishal Kotian had to intervene to physically separate them.

Umar was then seen telling Pratik to “stay in your limits”.

Umar and Pratik are seen pushing each other in another shot.

Pratik is then heard saying: “Do not push.”

The reality show has seen growing tension between Umar and Pratik.

Umar Riaz also pushed Karan Kundrra when he tried to defuse the situation.

Karan made headlines in October 2021 for getting aggressive with Pratik during a task on the reality TV show.

Fans had called for Bigg Boss 15 producers to take action against Karan.

Bigg Boss 15 fans flooded the comments section of the new video with calls for the show to punish Umar Riaz.

One fan wrote: “Either evict Umar or give him a strict warning, Bigg Boss.

“He used the same trick with Simba Nagpal. He instigated Simba and he reacted violently.

“Umar asks for sympathy each time he instigates others, this shall not work.

“He started with his cheap tricks as soon as he came in the bottom six contestants on the show.”

Fans of the TV series slammed Bigg Boss 15 contestant Simba Nagpal in November 2021 for allegedly saying that Umar Riaz looks like a terrorist.

Earlier in the series, Simba pushed Umar Riaz into the swimming pool during a fight.

Many Bigg Boss 15 viewers have said that the latest season is more violent than usual.

Another fan wrote:

“Umar is foolish and is uselessly picking fights for footage.”

“Pratik did not say anything to him, but he came and started it all.

“He thought ‘Pratik does not get violent, I will look like a hero when I push him’.

“He fell off 10 metres away when Pratik pushed him.”

Many fans also responded to the video.

One fan wrote: “Believe it or not, participants of Bigg Boss OTT have an extra advantage.

“They have seen their episodes, mistakes and understood where their fans didn’t like them.

“They have then strategised and entered the house.

“Unlike the players like Karan Kundrra and Umar Riaz who have really created a place in the audience.”

In an earlier episode, host Salman Khan slammed Umar Riaz and Pratik Sehajpal for their behaviour on the show.

As the pair argued, Salman was forced to intervene.

The Bollywood star said: “Are you the only one who can get aggressive? Do you want to see my aggression?”

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