Katrina Kaif called ‘Botox Queen’ by Trolls over apparent ‘Work’

Katrina Kaif was subjected to trolling over her alleged cosmetic procedures, with one person calling her “botox queen”.

Katrina Kaif called 'Botox Queen' by Trolls over apparent 'Work' f

"Katrina is all botox. What happened to her?"

Katrina Kaif faced a wave of trolling as many accused her of undergoing cosmetic procedures to change her face.

People took to social media to make their feelings known after a promotional video for Katrina’s Sooryavanshi was released.

The short clip revealed that the film, which also stars Akshay Kumar, will release on November 5, 2021.

The promotional clip also announced the release date of the song ‘Mere Yaaraa’.

However, more netizens were interested in Katrina’s appearance and took to social media to accuse her of having a “face job”.

One person wrote: “Katrina Kaif will get married after making sure that there is no space left for a further botox treatment.

“Till then she’ll remain rumoured Gf as per her PR in columns. What a Low life.”

Another social media user referred to the actress as a “botox queen”.

A third asked: “Katrina is all botox. What happened to her?”

Another replied: “Showbiz is a tough place to be. 10 years is a long time in showbiz for women and she is there for a much longer period.

“The only way to compete in an industry where people prefer young girls, she is trying to look much less her age. That’s all.”

On numerous occasions, Katrina Kaif has denied having botox.

However, this did not stop social media users, who continued to troll the actress after she shared a picture of herself on the cover of Cosmopolitan India.


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People claimed that the cosmetic work has made the 38-year-old actress look older than she actually is.

One person from Canada said:

“Plastic surgery and botox have ruined her face. Unbelievable looks different.”

Another wrote: “Why do they always overdo it with Botox and fillers… Is this like an addiction?

“Once you start and then there is no turning back. She is unrecognisable.”

A third commented: “Unhealthy? She looks sick though it’s the botox and have you also noticed after some time they all start looking the same.”

But others came to Katrina’s aid, with one saying:

“She’s literally perfect in every sense of the word.”

On the work front, Katrina is preparing for the release of Sooryavanshi, which has seen several delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

She is currently filming Tiger 3 alongside Salman Khan. The film also stars Emraan Hashmi as the antagonist.

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