Anushka Sharma’s daughter Vamika subjected to Rape Threats

Vamika, the nine-month-old daughter of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, has been subjected to horrific rape threats.

Anushka Sharma's daughter Vamika subjected to Rape Threats f

"We are backing him 200 per cent"

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s nine-month-old daughter Vamika has shockingly been threatened with rape.

The matter initially started after India’s loss to rivals Pakistan at the T20 World Cup.

Many had criticised and abused Mohammad Shami for his performance. This prompted the Indian cricket captain to come out in support of his teammate.

In a lengthy statement, Virat had said:

“To me, attacking someone over their religion is the most pathetic thing that a human being can do.

“Everyone has the right to voice their opinion over what they feel about a certain situation, but I personally have never ever even thought of discriminating (against) anyone over their religion.

“That’s a very sacred and personal thing to every human being. People take out their frustrations because they obviously have no understanding of what we do as individuals.

“They have no understanding of how much effort we put on the field. They have no understanding of the fact that someone like Shami has won India a number of matches in the last few years and he has been our primary bowler with Jasprit Bumrah when it comes to making an impact in games.

“If people can overlook that and his passion for his country, honestly, I don’t even want to waste one minute of my life to give any attention to those people, and neither does Shami and neither does anyone else in the team.

“We stand by him fully. We are backing him 200 per cent, and all those who have attacked him can come with more force if they want to.

“Our brotherhood, our friendship within the team, nothing can be shaken.”

However, Virat support led to one social media user threatening to rape the cricketer’s baby daughter.

The tweet attracted a lot of attention because many thought the comment was made by a Pakistani citizen. It was later discovered that an Indian man had made the disgusting comment.

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) took notice and said:

“It has been reported that online threats are being given to rape the nine months old girl child of Virat Kohli since the team’s defeat in the recent India Pakistan cricket match.

“It is learnt that he is being also attacked since he spoke against the incessant trolling of his teammate Md Shami who was targeted for his religion by online trolls.”

On November 2, 2021, the DCW issued a notice to the Delhi Police.

In the notice, the DCW called for immediate action to be taken against the perpetrator. It has also requested the identity of the person and details of the action taken by police.

The information has been requested to be handed to the DCW by November 8, 2021, at the latest.

Social media users slammed the heinous threat.

One said: “The fact that Kohli and Anushka’s daughter is receiving rape threats and hate because of Kohli’s stand shows how much this country can stoop down and hate the girls and women here without an ounce of shame.

“How is this okay? It’s scary to think these people exist.”

Another person commented: “It is gruesome to even read the tweet.”

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Abhinav Shukla also condemned the threat. He wrote:

“Threats against a 10-month-old kid by some people is the new low we have achieved!”

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