11-year-old Indian Boy Stops Thief Stealing from his Mother

An 11-year-old Indian boy from West Virar has been praised for his heroics after he stopped a thief stealing from his mother.

11-year-old Indian Boy Stops Thief Stealing from his Mother f

The Indian boy tried grabbing the necklace off Khan and this to a scuffle.

An Indian boy, aged 11, attracted a lot of attention in his home city of West Virar in Mumbai’s Metropolitan Region after he stopped a robbery.

He grabbed hold of a 52-year-old thief and prevented him from making off with his mother’s jewellery. The brave boy has been identified as Tanish Mahadik.

Police have said the incident happened at around 12:30 pm when Tanish returned home from school.

He was eating his lunch and watching TV while his mother had gone to drop off his sister at school.

A man knocked on the door and Tanish opened it. The man claimed he had been called to repair a gas pipe. Tanish told him to come back later.

However, a few minutes later, the man returned and when the boy opened the door, he barged into the house. The man was later identified by police as Abdul Gafar Khan.

Khan threatened Tanish and then went into the bedroom. He came out with a gold necklace belonging to Tanish’s mother which was worth Rs. 55,000 (£630).

The Indian boy tried grabbing the necklace off Khan and this to a scuffle.

Meanwhile, Tanish’s mother Divya returned home and when she saw Khan, she tried to stop him but he pushed her off and ran.

Neighbours heard the noise coming from the house and saw Khan escaping. They gave chase and managed to catch him.

They then handed him over to the police where he confessed to the attempted robbery. Khan had been unarmed when he entered the house.

Mid-Day reported that police recovered the gold necklace from his possession and a case was registered against him. It was discovered he has multiple cases of robbery against him.

In a similar incident, an elderly couple from Tamil Nadu fought off two armed robbers.

CCTV cameras captured the incident in which a masked man snuck up behind 72-year-old Shanmugavel as he was sitting outside his house. The thief tried strangling him with a cloth.

After hearing a noise, his wife Senthaamarai came out of the house. As she does so, another armed thief is seen. The elderly woman quickly grabs some slippers and starts throwing them at the intruders.

After freeing himself, Shanmugavel helped his wife fight off the attackers. Buckets and plastic chairs were soon used as weapons.

The Indian couple continued to throw whatever they can before the two men fled.

Senthaamarai suffered a minor cut to her hand and her gold chain was stolen.

Police officers reviewed the CCTV footage and started an investigation. They filed an FIR, but the two men have not been identified.

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