Indian Woman stops Thief on Motorbike Stealing her Chain

An Indian woman in Delhi has been praised on social media for her quick reaction to stop a man on a motorbike stealing her chain in a viral video.

Indian Woman stops Thief on Motorbike Stealing her Chain f

He is held on the ground by a number of people

In an astonishing video which has gone viral on social media, an Indian woman in the area of Nangloi in Delhi is seen stopping a thief on a motorbike attempting to get away with a chain he snatches from her neck.

CCTV footage of the incident shows exactly as the sequence of events transpired in the attempted robbery which went completely wrong thanks to the bravery of the woman.

The woman and another young lady are seen leaving a rickshaw which they were travelling on. Then as the woman comes out on to the Nangoli road, a motorbike with two men on it approaches her from the opposite direction.

One of the men on the motorbike reaches out and snatches the chain from the woman.

It’s what happens next which sparked the support of social media users for the actions of the two women.

Not wanting to see the man escape with the chain the determined the victim grabs hold of him from the collar and with the help of the other lady pulls him off the motorbike instantly. They pull him from his hand.

The man with a silver helmet falls to the ground with the two women holding onto him. They then start beating him in an attempt to retrieve the chain.

This grabs the attention of onlookers on the road who see that an attempted robbery is being thwarted.

This prompts a number of people to engage with the women to beat the man. Other cars stop and people come out to join in the attack on the thief.

He is held on the ground by a number of people while others lay into him.

The second man is seen quickly running away leaving the motorbike on the ground but was chased by a man as well.

Once the video got uploaded on Twitter, by a user called Piyush Singh, the woman and her actions have been praised for her prompt reaction against the thief by users on the social media site.

One user wrote: “Good job ,he deserved this.”

Another said: ”

Right action at right time to nab the culprit. Hats off to brave lady’s courageous action”

A response discussed the second accomplice: “Great job ladies! Don’t forget to applaud that gentleman who chased other goon who was running for his life when his accomplice got caught!”

One user used the incident to highlight the lack of policing, saying: “Good job. Now thus starts the initial steps towards lynching. Had the offence been worse than such petty theft the bystanders would have thrashed him perhaps to his death. Lack of Credibility of Police is the main reason”

The video of the crime against the woman has been brought to the attention of police since it went viral.

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