Indian Groom arrives at Wedding & Finds No Bride

An Indian groom from Punjab was set to get married. He turned up to his wedding, however, there was no sign of his bride.

Indian Groom turns up at Wedding & Finds No NRI Bride f

Amandeep said that Gurbhej can go to Germany if he marries her.

An Indian groom named Gurbhej Singh turned up to his wedding, however, he discovered that his bride was nowhere to be found.

It was later discovered that a travel agent named Amandeep Singh, alias Mandeep Singh, had scammed the resident of Maur Mandi, Bathinda, in Punjab and his family.

Singh had told Gurbhej that he would be able to send him abroad after arranging his marriage. The travel agent presented a photo of an NRI woman and Gurbhej accepted.

However, Singh said that it would cost Rs. 3 Lakh (£3,400) to organise and fix the wedding. Gurbhej paid the money and the date was agreed.

The wedding was set to take place in Ferozepur but when Gurbhej arrived with his entire baraat and procession, they found out that the venue was not real, and shockingly, the bride, her family and friends were not there.

Gurbhej’s family realised they had been duped and returned to Bathinda to register a police case.

His father Gurpreet Singh explained that he met with the suspect after deciding that he would send his son abroad once he was married. The accused described himself as a travel agent.

On April 27, 2019, Singh met with Gurpreet and claimed that he has successfully sent many young adults abroad. He said that he received an offer from a foreign company to send four more people abroad.

Gurbhej’s passport and Rs. 3 Lakh (£3,400) was handed to the travel agent. Gurpreet also said that Amandeep took Rs. 4.8 Lakh (£5,400) from his nephew and Rs. 5.7 Lakh (£6,400) from another resident.

The Indian groom explained that after taking the money, Amandeep told him that the young woman was from Ferozepur and also had German citizenship.

Amandeep said that Gurbhej can go to Germany if he marries her. He then showed him a photo of the woman. Gurbhej accepted and Amandeep said that he would arrange everything.

However, when it came to the wedding day, Gurbhej and his family found no sign of a bride.

They tried to call Amandeep but his phone was off.

After trying multiple times, they then realised it was a scam and returned home to file a police complaint.

A case of cheating was registered against Amandeep. The family also registered a police complaint in Ferozepur.

Investigating officer Karmjit Kaur confirmed that a police case was registered against Amandeep Singh. Officers are searching for the conman who has since gone on the run.

The incident left Gurbhej and his family shocked over the ways criminals are finding in order to make money.

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