Indian Bride arrives on Horse to Marry NRI Groom

In a case of role reversal, an Indian bride from Madhya Pradesh arrived at the procession on a horse so she could marry her NRI groom.

Indian Bride arrives on Horse to Marry NRI Groom f

Guests celebrated as the couple got married.

An Indian bride turned up to her wedding on a horse in what is a traditional custom within her community. The wedding took place in Madhya Pradesh.

The bride, Anshuta Munshi arrived at the wedding venue on a horse to the backdrop of music from a DJ and a band.

Wedding guests and locals gathered at the scene to witness the unique procession. Many danced, including Anshuta.

The Indian bride was seen wearing a blue bridal gown and wearing a multicoloured turban.

She married Ashiq, an Indian man living in the United States where he works as an engineer at Apple Company.

Guests celebrated as the couple got married.

While the wedding presented a case of role reversal, it also had an environmental element.

Ashiq is the son of Vijay Kumar Shah, the retired Project Manager of Nepa Limited.

He wanted the wedding to feature elements that would benefit the environment and would reduce climate change.

Mr Shah had unique invitations printed in order to motivate people to use less paper and plastic. He had the invitations printed onto cotton bags.

The details of the wedding ceremony were printed on a cotton handkerchief placed inside the bag, meaning that a lot of paper would be saved.

The handkerchiefs also benefited the environment as they can be washed numerous times thanks to the washable ink.

Mr Shah explained that usually, wedding invitations are thrown away which can cause damage to the environment. The unique invitations and handkerchiefs can be reused for another time.

Mr Shah also said that 1,000 magazines were printed for the wedding.

At the bottom of each one was an appeal to reduce the use of paper and plastic.

It also stated that more trees should be planted in a bid to reduce the effects of climate change.

According to Mr Shah, efforts to reduce the use of plastic is extremely important within Indian society.

Currently, the Indian government is working to implement measures which are paperless.

Mr Shah said that by taking such measures, it will protect the environment. The unique wedding creations are just one step in the right direction.

Not only did this wedding reverse traditional wedding customs, but it also presented a wider message.

Measures were taken to reduce paper and plastic usage in a bid to help the environment and to reduce pollution.

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