Gehana Vasisth charged with Gang-Rape

TV actress Gehana Vasisth, who was previously charged for filming porn videos has now reportedly been charged with gang-rape.

Gehana Vasisth charged with Gang-Rape f

a 24-year-old model claimed that she was forced

TV actress Gehana Vasisth has reportedly been charged with gang-rape and wrongful confinement.

This comes just days after she was arrested by Mumbai Police for filming and uploading pornographic videos to her website.

The Gandii Baat star and several others were arrested after police raided a bungalow.

Officers found a man and woman on a bed being filmed with a mobile phone.

Gehana had allegedly shot 87 adult films and uploaded them on her website, making them available for viewers at a subscription fee of Rs. 2,000 (£20).

However, she has now been charged with gang-rape and wrongful confinement.

This comes after a 24-year-old model claimed that she was forced to engage in sexual acts with three men during a shoot.

Police have booked Gehana and three men with rape, outraging the modesty of women and obscene acts under the Indian Penal Code.

The actress’ lawyers have denied the allegations, stating that Gehana has only filmed erotic videos.

In relation to her arrest, she had allegedly filmed 87 pornographic videos.

According to police, Gehana persuaded struggling actors to work for her. One actor was reportedly paid approximately Rs. 20,000 (£200) per film.

But her publicist, Flynn Remedios, issued a statement, claiming that the videos produced and directed by Gehana’s company, GV Studios, “at most can be classified or categorised as Erotica”.

The statement read:

“Gehana Vasisth aka Vandana Tiwari is totally innocent.”

“She is not involved in any porn film racket etc. As the producer and director of her company GV Studios, she has only produced and directed films that are permissible in law and at most can be classified or categorised as Erotica.

“She is being falsely implicated and trapped or made a victim by vested interests and business competitors who are out to defame her.”

It added: “We have full faith in the judiciary and the Indian legal system.

“Unfortunately, Mumbai Police, which is otherwise the best police force in the world has mixed up and clubbed together Gehana’s Erotica film making work with hard porn and hard porn makers in India.

“There is a legal difference between Erotica or sensual or bold films and hardcore porn, but unfortunately, we are really saddened by the fact that the cops have clubbed both together.

“We hope the courts will identify the difference and give Gehana justice in the coming days.”

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