British Pakistani charged for Abduction and Rape in Rawalpindi

British Pakistani Yasir Bashir along with two other local men have had a case of abduction and rape filed against them by Pakistani police.

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They quickly led and forced her into a car

A British Pakistani, Yasir Bashir, from Chesham in the UK, along with two other men have been all charged with a police case registered against them for the alleged abduction and rape of a 30-year-old woman.

Accompanying Bashir, in the offences, was a man named Imran and a third man called Sakin, from the Chak Mirza village, where Bashir was staying too.

Shafqat Ahmad from the Charsadda Police department has filed the 376-rape complaint against the three relating to the charges of abducting and sexually assaulting Sania Ali.

She is the daughter Mohammad Ali of Khanna Pull in Rawalpindi, who is devastated by what has taken place.

According to the police statement given by Sania, she says she was abducted, beaten badly and sexually assaulted by the three men.

She says she came with her cousin to see her family doctor for an appointment in Chowk Pindori.

Then, while her cousin received a phone call from a friend. Her cousin left her and went off busily chatting on the phone.

At that point, she was spotted by Imran, Yasir, who approached her and grabbed her. They quickly led and forced her into a car, where the third man Sakin was waiting too.

They then quickly drove to a secluded area where they beat and sexually abused Sania.

She says she pleaded with them to stop but they didn’t and after her traumatic ordeal, she was just dropped off and they quickly drove away.

Sania says that in utter shock of what had happened to her and the physical pain, she had to go to THQ hospital in Kallar Syedan for treatment.

According to local Pakistani media reports, Yasir Bashir is also known as an alcoholic.

He had been arrested by Pakistani police in Kallar Syedan, two months prior to this incident, in possession of alcohol, which is illegal in Pakistan unless you are non-Muslin and have a special license.

Further to the charge sheet, the case is now being fully investigated by the police with all three men being suspects for the abduction, rape and physical abuse of Sania Ali.

The village of Chak Mirza where Bashir is staying is known to be a popular destination with British Pakistanis.

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