Notorious Pakistani Gang-for-Hire arrested in Rawalpindi

Five Pakistani men who were part of a notorious gang-for-hire have been arrested. Officers apprehended the suspects in Rawalpindi.

Notorious Pakistani Gang-for-Hire arrested in Rawalpindi f

the gang recruited boys from the age of five.

The Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) of Islamabad Police arrested five men in Rawalpindi on January 9, 2020. The men were part of a notorious gang-for-hire.

The group were involved in numerous violent robberies as well as street crimes.

They were also known for promoting themselves on social media. The ‘boxer gang’ had named themselves online as a group available for hire to get illegal “jobs” done.

Visitors to their social media page would book members of the gang to undertake an illegal offence.

Following their arrest, the social media pages have been deactivated.

A spokesperson for the police stated that 10 motorbikes, six mobile phones and dozens of loaded weapons were seized.

It was reported that DIG Waqar Uddin Syed directed all officers in the area to focus their efforts on tackling criminals who were involved in incidents of dacoity and street crime.

They were told to increase their efforts in order to reduce these particular types of crime in the city.

Following these directions, Superintendent of Police Dr Syed Mustafa Tanveer assembled a police team under the supervision of DSP Hakim Khan, Sub-Inspector Mushtaq Ahmed and ASI Shakeel Ahmed.

Investigating officers monitored the gang’s social media accounts.

After gathering sufficient evidence, the police conducted a raid and five members of the gang-for-hire were arrested.

Police decided to locate their whereabouts and arrest them after receiving reports of the suspects taking valuables at gunpoint in Rawalpindi.

It was revealed that the gang recruited boys from the age of five.

Officers discovered that land grabbers and extortionists would contact the gang on social media.

The gang received payments, sometimes worth millions of rupees, to carry out the client’s job.

Police officers explained that videos of the gang are circulating online, where they are seen shooting.

The suspects were identified as Ahsan Shani, Saleem Khan, Nabeer, Bilal Khan and Asad. Police confirmed that Asad was the leader of the group.

During questioning, they confessed their involvement in several incidents of robbing people in different areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

DIG (Operations) Syed thanked the investigating officers for their work on the case. He also directed all police officials to ensure that effective policing measures are taken in their respective areas.

Pakistan Today reported that the investigation continues as officers are unclear about how many gang members are there. A search is underway to arrest any more potential gang members.

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